‘I decided to lose my life and find it in Christ’ — Siya Kolisi

PHOTO: Photo: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images via Faithwire

Jesus was literally lifted high before the world last Saturday when photographers snapped a photo of Springbok rugby captain Siya Kolisi displaying the name of Jesus on his wristband as he held up the Web Ellis Cup.

Speaking to SportGo Mag just prior to the World Cup, the rugby star opened up about how the Lord had been getting him ready for the big stage by refining his character.

“God has been preparing me for such a time as this,” he said. “While struggling with a lot of things personally — temptations, sins and lifestyle choices — I realised I wasn’t living according to what I was calling myself: a follower of Christ. I was getting by, but I hadn’t decided to fully commit myself to Jesus Christ and start living according to His way.”

Talking about how the Lord convicted him of his sin, Kolisi continued: “Something I was struggling with in my personal life was exposed to the public. Up to that point, everything I was fighting against was hidden, but when my sin was exposed, I knew I either had to change my life, or lose everything. I decided to lose my life and find it in Christ.

“Walking alongside a spiritual mentor, I’ve been able to discover the truth and saving power of Christ in a whole new way. This new life has given me a peace in my heart I’d never experienced before. Now that I have given everything to God, nothing else affects me. I now live and play with the freedom of knowing His plan will always happen, and at the end of the day, that’s all I care about!”


  1. This is so inspirational Siya, God bless you! In Christ alone we are victorious!

  2. If only every Leader could know that truth,2 lead u got 2 loose yourself first, letting go, decreasing so that Christ could increase, finding your true Identity in Him,thanx Captain Siya,you are a genuine,true man thanx 4 being an inspiration,an example 2 millions of kids,fans around the world♥️

  3. Every inspirational Siya. Everything starts with Christ….may God bless you and your family, keep you and made His face to always shine upon you, and may He be gracious unto to. I belief that was the biggest part of winning the RWC. Blessings!!

  4. Amen that you put your faith Him Jeswha our King and Savior. God will not step in you life without a purpose.

  5. Our nation needs people to take an unashamed stance for Christ. We can prosper in South Africa if we can set aside racial prejudice and promote more and more racial integration on all levels. Christ did not bring salvation to one group or ethnicity but for All.

  6. Patricia Kuiper

    Reading Siya Kolisi’s testimony is a real ‘feel good’ story. I pray that he will spread his attitude and words to others wherever he goes. Thank you Siya, you are an inspiration.

  7. Amen!!

  8. Terence Timmet

    Im blessed to read your testimony Siyamthanda. May you experience him in different areas of your life.

  9. Siphelo Goduka

    Blessings to you as a family Siya! We bless the Lord for you and all the glory to God!

  10. Hugh G Wetmore

    Siya’s words are deeper than superficial testimony – He is dealing with sin, identified temptation and repentance in responding to Christ’s call on his life. Very meaningful. We must pray for him.

  11. Christa Marais

    You can save so many souls through your testimony! My husband, Hannes Marais, (Sprinbok captain 1971 and 1974) was used to give His testimony by Campus Crusade for Christ seminars and reached a lot of lost souls. They do a wonderful job in our country to lead people to the Lord!

  12. Wow this is so wonderful’n great..
    Truly it’s good to follow Christ ‘n be moved by’is anointing..
    For Eva more Jesus!!

    Son ov Major 1 Power

  13. Patty van den Heever

    Wow. ! Wow! Wow!

  14. Thank you Siya for giving God the glory for your success. I salute you

  15. I think Siya Kolisi is remarkable. What he has achieved for South Africa and South Africans is worth celebrating. But what does it mean to write that “Jesus was literally lifted high…” What is this turning Jesus into? What is this saying to young people who are struggling with their faith? Is Gateways turning Jesus into a rugby champion? This is the most appalling, distorted writing about Siya Kolisi I have read. The face that it is called a “God story” makes me cringe. It feeds into the worst values of our society and the world. The values that Jesus consistently overturned, as he overturned the tables of the money lenders in the temple. Siya’s triumph is worth celebrating. Jesus did not win the trophy, Siya did. Leave Jesus out of it. This is opportunistic writing bordering on heresy.

    • Thanks ! remember when the bokke were super christians and publicly prayed on the field … and had their worst stint ever. leave religion out of sport.

  16. Hugh G Wetmore

    I agree with Bouncing Sam. But more than simply ‘leave it out’ – sport reflects life’s ups and downs, and it HOW we handle these that show how Christians should live. Dad

  17. Well done Siya May Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will keep you and your family and may He continue to develop your talent at playing rugby as you use it to reach the lost that are on the road to destruction and hell; may the Holy Spirit bring many to a saving grace found in Jesus Christ