iBalavlava chosen for Jozi Film Festival

Producer Laurian Guy catches a behind the scenes shot of Trezor Kayenda.

A short film, iBalaclava, which was written and shot in the Du Noon township of Cape Town in a project spearheaded by a local church film and media team, will be featured in the Second Annual Jozi Film Festival taking place this weekend. 

iBalaclava is one of only 24 films chosen from numerous submissions from around Africa.  The Festival will take place from the Friday February 15 to Sunday February 17, and will finish with an awards ceremony at the Villa Arcadia in Parktown, hosted by comedian John Vlismas.

iBalaclava is a gripping drama that tells the story of two brothers trying to survive in a community filled with gangsterism and poverty.  The dramatic storyline is realistic and close to home.  Local businessman, co-writer and director of the film, Nevil Sandama said, “People in the township can relate to this story and the characters.”

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Modern day parables
iBalaclava is part of a local film project by a bunch of young film makers who embarked on a journey of film, producing three short films that showcase South Africa’s exciting new talent. The project was spearheaded by Joshua Generation Church’s film and media team, the Film Kru. The team was made up of many first time film makers. They got together and invested their time, creativity and passion in making modern day parables that show the love of God to local movie goers. Over 300 volunteers were involved in the project – pouring their hearts and passion into every area, including the film making, post production, graphics, event co-ordination and every other aspect involved in pulling a project of this size together. Headed up by the up and coming film maker, Howard James Fyvie, the teams were given extensive training throughout the project.

Uniting communities like only film can do, iBalaclava became a bridge between Du Noon locals and community members from various other communities. Cast and crew spent countless days and nights running around the township with a camera and enlisting the help of residents.  In return Du Noon crew members were given onsite training in all areas of film making from lighting and photography to sound recording and editing.  Nevil spoke about how he had always dreamed of directing a film and previously only  made short films with his cellphone.

When the time came for the first screening of iBalaclava nothing beat a venue in Du Noon itself.  A local high school Inkwenkwezi High, partnered with Joshua Generation church to host a Youth Fun Day on the 16th July 2012 (Youth Day) ending off with the first screening to the local community.  The momentum continued for iBalaclava at the Love Bombs Film Festival at The Labia on Orange from the 2 – 9 August 2012.  Over 2000 movie goers attended the event and Nevil and the team had an opportunity to share about their experiences of creating this dramatic film to a sold out crowd.  After the huge success of this festival, The Love Bombs went back for the Encore on the 14th and 15th September 2012.

In addition to the premier festival, the films caused a stir in the local press.  Newspapers like the Tygerberger and Table Talk featured both The Youth Day Festival and The Love Bombs Film Festival.  Film makers were also interviewed by renowned South African film maker, Barry Ronge, for Sunday Night at the Movies on Talk Radio 702.   In addition there have been several interviews on CCFM Radio Station.  SABC 2’s highest rated youth magazine program, Hectic 9 nine had Nevil and the team in studio for their movie themed show.

Film makers are excited about the journey so far, but keep holding onto their seats for what’s next in the adventure.  Support the local film industry by following this team and buying your ticket.

iBalaclava will be screened at the Bioscope on the 16th February 2013.  More details can be found at www.jozifilmfestival.co.za.  To find out more about iBalaclava and to watch the trailers go to www.lovebombs.co.za or like the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/lovebombsfilms or email info@lovebombs.co.za.

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