Intercessor from Congo proclaiming Year of Jubilee, revival in SA

Paul in PE 1
Paul from the Congo (Paul Mbongelo) in Port Elizabeth.

Paul Mbongelo — better known as Paul from the Congo — has started a nationwide journey to proclaim 2013 as a Year of Jubilee in South Africa and the year of the birth of a national revival in the country.

The Bloemfontein-based intercessor, who left the Democratic Republic of Congo four years ago in obedience to a call from God to go to South Africa to pray for a great revival, is in Port Elizabeth at the moment to share the Jubilee Year revival word which he says God gave to him during a time of prayer and fasting in December 2012.

A small group of pastors and intercessors in the city who heard Paul’s message yesterday said they believe it is a word from God. A report on the word will be presented to a group of church leaders at a meeting in PE tomorrow.

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Angus Buchan book
Paul says that in December last year he bought a book in which evangelist Angus Buchan shares how he started the Mighty Men movement after being challenged by God to cancel all appointments in order to focus on discipling men. He says he felt challenged by God to focus on his revival prayer calling. He was led to fast and pray in isolation for 14 days. Towards the end of this period he received a prophetic word from God based on Leviticus 25:9-10 which speaks about the proclamation of the Year of Jubilee throughout the land.

“2013 is Jubilee year for South Africa. It is a year of deliverance, a year of release, a year of rest, a year of rehabilitation. In other words it is what is found in Isaiah 61,” says Paul, referring to the famous passage which proclaims a time of healing, releasing of prisoners and restoration through the power of the Holy Spirit.

“That is what the Jubilee year is about – the acceptable year of the Lord. It is the year of revival, in which God releases His power, releases His Spirit to set free people from bondage and every kind of slavery. It is time for restoration of all that the enemy has stolen from people: possessions, marriages and families.”

Blowing Jubilee trumpet
Just as in Biblical times a priest would go out throughout land to blow trumpet to proclaim “This is the Jubilee Year!”, so God is calling on him to travel through South Africa, proclaiming the Year of Jubilee, says Paul. He believes that as Christians throughout SA proclaim this year, the Holy Spirit will be poured out and the enemy will become weak and release every person he is holding.  Then in churches and wherever believers pray, healing will flow, deliverance will flow, and every blessing will flow.

Paul says that he has shared his Jubilee Year word with fellow intercessors in Bloemfontein. But his national proclamation tour was only launched after the recent Karoo Mighty Men Conference which he attended. Since then he has shared his word in George, Mossel Bay and PE. Next week he heads for East London.

He says that healing is a central theme of  the revival that God is birthing in SA this year, just as it is a central theme of the national revival promised in 2 Chronicles 7:14, when God’s people respond with humility, prayer and repentance.

“The healing will start with a release of power for healing of sicknesses. There will be healing campaigns all over the land, marking the first stage of the revival.

“From here it will move to healing of the emotions, healing of the spirit, healing of marriages, healing of the families, healing of the churches. Then in the last stage there will be the healing of the land and the whole nation will be saved.”

He says that while prayer has been the key to preparing the way for revival, the focus is shifting to action.

“Go out and do what the Lord has laid on your hearts: there will be a manifestation of the Lord’s presence and power.”



  1. AMEN Brother Paul – I am moved to join you in declaring and decreeing genuine revival over this nation – it is time ! Bless you for your obedience !!

  2. The revival of the Church of Jesus Christ in South Africa will be in direct proportion to the extent that the Church of Jesus Christ in South Africa is prepared to repent/stop sinning.

  3. Margaret Ferguson

    I too believe that the nation of South Africa will have revival; in fact a prophecy for the continent of Africa in 1999 starting in South Africa. With regard to the specifics of ‘the healing of the land and the whole nation will be saved, biblically we can only refer to the salvation or repentance of the whole nation when talking about Israel, under the OT covenant. Under the NT covenant, God saves individuals and no other nation can claim that special privilege. When the Christian church is healed and functions in the unity of the Holy Spirit, it becomes a powerful force for individual salvation and a significant motivation for improvement in the land. Nations apart from Israel as God’s chosen nation (I am not Jewish) are secular. Jeremiah 2 v 8 says ‘Pray to the Lord (for pagan Babylon) for its welfare will determine your welfare’.We can therefore expect improvement in the nation of South Africa and if God has so ordained through prophecy etc – significant change spiritually and practically.
    Revelation 22 vv 1 -3 shows that the river of life will be the complete healing of the nations at the 2nd coming of Christ. ‘ The river of life’ with the 12 trees whose leaves were used as ‘medicine to heal the nations’. The ‘river of life’ is within us and we can in the unity of the Spirit motivate for improvement in the nation. But we should not expect the whole nation to be healed. ‘No longer will there be a curse upon anything.’ That is my understanding of the biblical position and the Spirit and the Word are always in harmony.