Intercessors will pray up a storm in Gauteng

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Mamashoabathe (Shoabi) Noko.
Mamashoabathe (Shoabi) Noko.

Intercessors will be gathering at the Wanderers Club, Illovo, Johannesburg on Friday evening, September 26 for the first Gauteng Prayer Storm, hosted by United in Prayer (UIP).

“The focus of this prayer will be on unity in the body of Christ, the leadership of the Holy Spirit, integrity in the church and the necessity of prayer,” says UIP founding member, Mamashoabathe Noko.

UIP was birthed in August 2013 with a vision of “united in prayer for an effective Jesus Christ centered fivefold ministry” and started operating in 2014, after much prayer and consultation with various people, she says. Thus far the prayer movement has held a District Prayer Storm in Sebokeng on June 21 of June.

“The Gauteng Prayer Storm will be the very first of its kind and we are hoping that after this one, we can hold a Prayer Storm for each province,” says Noko.

She says that as UIP is still new they have not yet formally connected with other prayer networks but will do so as they get to know various people.

“However I have met with Dr Bennie Mostert [managing director of Jericho Walls International Prayer network] who will lead one of the prayer points next week and I have kept in touch with some of the informal prayer groups in Johannesburg,” she says.

UIP’s prayer meetings are called ‘Prayer Storms’ based on Zechariah 10:1 and Ecclesiastes 11:3, says Noko.

“We believe that through our prayers we will not only be asking for rain at an opportune time but that we will be creating clouds of rain, that will usher in God’s will on earth.

“We believe that God has already started a worldwide revival and we see Prayer Storm as part of what God is doing globally,” she says.

She says the intercessors at the Johannesburg event next Friday will create a prayer storm “setting in motion a Godly revolution in our nation”.

“The only way we will change things is if we pray in unity, with persistence, and in alignment with God’s word and purpose. Nothing happens on earth, unless there is an agreement between God and humans. ‘And I sought for a man among them, that should make up a hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it, but I found none.’ Ezekiel 22:30 (KJV).”

Anybody interested in attending the Prayer Storm of finding out more about it can email or call Mamashoabathe (Shoabi) Noko at 072 205 3788.


  1. Let us pray together for Gods will to prevail in the lifes of people in this country,our political leaders,church leaders etc