Investors looking for businesses with kingdom impact

Rob Wylde.

Business 4 Transformation (B4T) is looking for suitable kingdom-minded businesses to show to international investors who are due to visit South Africa in October or November, says Rob Wylde who heads up B4T in SA.

The businesses should be viable, have been operating for at least one to two years, have the potential to make a significant impact for the kingdom of God and preferably should be based within a 300km radius of Port Elizabeth.

Wylde, who has a lengthy banking background and also heads up Christian NGO Khanyisa Credit which assists grassroots businesses with micro-loans, said that businesses that meet B4T’s criteria could qualify for special loans subject to a positive assessment by the investors during their visit.

He said he has already lined up four businesses — in the beekeeping, tanning, cattle farming and IT fields — to meet with the investors. He said he hoped that by the time the investors arrive he would have many more suitable businesses to show them.

He said that local businesses that were selected by visiting investors in 2016 were all performing well. B4T operates in 11 countries around the world and currently has a credit exposure of R19-million. It has been operating in South Africa for three years.

Typically B4T investors made unsecured loans of from R120 000 to R12-million to viable businesses whose owners have a heart for the kingdom of God, said Wylde. He said the interest on the loans varied from 12 to 14%, with repayments only due every six months, which provided “breathig space” to businesses. Businesses that were awarded loans were required to pay a 4% fee to B4T.

As a B4T developer Wylde said he was responsible for pre-screening and mentoring businesses to be shown to visiting investors.

Business owners interested in finding out more about linking up with B4T can contact Wylde at 072 252 3219 or



  1. Adriaan Lombard

    This is a great opportunity for businesses to expand and build the kingdom. Well done Rob with this initiative!

  2. Excellent work Rob – I am thrilled to see this concept.

  3. Currently have the following businesses
    Egg production
    Want to expand these businesses.