Invitation to join 21-day fast for SA

SA Back to God launched its annual New Year 21-day fast for South Africa this week, focusing on the principle of the seven mountains of societal influence.

The purpose of the fast, from January 13 to February 2, is to facilitate the many words that God has spoken over SA, says Janet Brann-Hollis of SA Back to God.

South Africans are encouraged to fast one day a week, focusing on the mountain that is closest to their hearts. You can connect with the fast by registering for WhatsApp notifications [See notification for today below] that are forwarded each evening. To register,  WhatsApp the message “2020 fast” to +27 81 693 5128.

“As a nation we are controlled by demonic principalities and powers and the battle is not flesh and blood as many may think. The battle for our nation lies in the heavenlies and as the Church, the Ekklesia, God has given us the mandate to enforce the redemption of South Africa,” says Brann-Hollis.

“We must envisage a nation which is filled with hope, faith and opportunities for all. In prayer we can emulate the great patriach of faith, Abraham who saw the land of Canaan, he posessed it by faith and prayer, a long time before it was a reality…

“Jesus blood cries out over our nation, crying for reconciliation, cleansing, healing, etc. By taking one day to fast in the sphere that God has called you to, you will be helping to align our nation to its God-given purpose.

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“South Africa, now is the TIME, for a move of God, for a change in the destiny of each citizen, for a change in the atmsophere and mandate of SA, taking it out of the control of the enemy… We encourage each one to take communion daily whilst on the fast, as we proclaim Jesus redeeming blood over SA,” she says.

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