Is the Bible being quietly censored?

Defending family, faith and freedom

Without Sin – The Gospel Becomes Irrelevant!

Today (October 25) I meet with the Minister of Communications, Dina Pule and Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Fatima Chohan to discuss legislation to prohibit porn on the internet and TV.

The meeting follows two years of discussions including the drafting of a legislative proposal.

An increasing amount of children are exposed to pornography on the internet and television leading to early sexual experimentation, including a spike in child-on-child sexual abuse.

As a result of the growing number of legal challenges against Christians in SA, I will be meeting with Advocate Reg Willis, the Chairperson of the Christian Lawyers Association on October 29.

Homosexual activists are using intimidation as a tactic to silence Christian free speech. They are also attempting to stop Christians from publically proclaiming the Biblical view of homosexuality.

If the Bible is censored as a result of Christian apathy – freedom to preach the Gospel will be eroded. And if what the Bible calls sin is eradicated – repentance and salvation becomes irrelevant!

I am currently working on a proposal to establish an Alliance Defending Freedom ministry amongst Christian lawyers in SA. This entity would be tasked with defending Christian values & freedoms.

If the Body of Christ allows its values, beliefs and freedoms to be eroded without putting up a fight – we will voluntarily surrender the freedoms so many Christians sacrificed their lives for.

FPI is also ready to oppose attempts to decriminalise prostitution in SA. Once the Law Reform on Prostitution is tabled in Parliament, we will equip you to effectively engage the policy process.

FPI is battling an array of anti-family activists in SA. If these groups are left unmonitored and without opposition – the implications for you and your family will be devastating. There are already plans to radically advance the sexual rights agenda in SA by utilising stealth tactics.

Most South African citizens are not even aware of the bizarre plans of anti-family activists to impose their godless agenda on innocent children through the chaotic public schooling system. Visit to learn more about the work of FPI.

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