Is there ever a good time for bad things to happen? — Vivienne Solomons

I don’t think so. Although there are times when we do feel better prepared to deal with upheaval in our lives and those challenges that appear when least expected.

Recently, I had Covid 19 and while I am grateful that it did not develop into a complicated infection, I was sick enough that my life was temporarily put on hold, forcing me to rest.

As many of you have experienced first hand, my life was suddenly thrown into chaos and I felt overwhelmed by all that I needed to do but couldn’t do.

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Although I have put a system in place to make life easier when either myself or my husband falls ill, there is just never a good time to fall sick.

The developing Ukraine crisis reminds us that there is never a good time for war and sadly, no amount of preparation can diminish its consequences. It maims and it kills, it displaces families and destroys livelihoods.

War is designed to intimidate and subjugate but in the end, there are no winners.

No matter the scale of the event, whether on a personal or global level, there is just never a good time for bad things to happen. God knows this and He is right there with us, our refuge and strength and a very present help in trouble (Psalm 46 v 1).

Importantly, He does not negate our personal experience comparing it to “bigger” crises in the lives of others or in the world at large, and neither should we. He lovingly meets us right where we are and helps us to overcome whatever challenge (“big: or “small”) we might be facing.

But he also gives us a healthy and godly dose of perspective: perspective on our lives in the context of the world we live in as well as the times we live in. So that we can see more clearly where we are and have hope for the future.

No, there is never a good time for bad things to happen to us but when they do, we can be assured of His wisdom and His guidance as well as His intervention when we need it.

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