It’s not over: hold the line — Lindy-Ann Hopley

My name is Lindy-Ann Hopley and I greet you in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ all the way from America.

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“Where His Name is exalted – He will draw all men unto Himself” – Bible. 
We can not EXIT the world and expect to TAKE DOMINION of it at the same time. 

Never did I put the two together. But throughout the Bible God was very much involved with the leaders of the country. He put them in , took them out, warned them, blessed them, put prophets besides them and the list goes on. To name but a few – look at Moses, Daniel, Joseph, Esther and The Apostles – even Jesus Himself!

So when did it become considered a “secular realm”? When all the Christians left. Similar thing happened to Hollywood, media amd our school systems. Whilst many Christians only professed Jesus on Sundays in church – the anti-Christ Spirit was strategically taking ground.

Example of FAKE NEWS : This article uses a photo from me on the day before the MAGA March and says not many showed up for the march. 
Glory to God I believe in this very blatant season of light against dark, a for Christ people vs anti-Christ spirited people — the Church has awakened that we have wrongly exited the areas of influencing the world. How are we meant to “take dominion” (God to man in the book of Exodus) if we do not get involved in the leading of nations? How are we meant to disciple nations if we do not become the leaders of the nations? Why are we surprised if our school and legal systems are anti-Biblical if no one that reads the Bible is taking that ground? Who sold us the lie that we sould not get involved in politics? Definitely not God or the Bible. Pray for your leaders, because they lead the land! Time for Christians to take back ground!

Faith is not what we see and does not come from what we see, but instead it comes from having heard a word from God concerning a matter. 
It keeps giving thanks for what will still be even if it is not yet. 
I believe still I am here to fight against the anti-Christ spirit — not just for America’s sake, but the world. 
The truth will set us free . Acts 10 — “But how will they know if nobody tells them”.

Black Lives Matter Plaza
As a South African it is simply heart-wrenching to see how a political party uses racial groups pain for their own gain. We have seen this before throughout the years in South Africa and other nations. It is simply disgusting. It makes black people look bad and sparks and turns up racism due to their looting, stealing and setting things on fire on behalf of the “black people”. Nonsense. I know many black people and NEVER would they associate with such immature displays of hatred and anarchy.

Also. as someone who lost a father to murder by three black men, I have a message of FORGIVENESS and reconciliation. “Christ forgave us while we were still enemies of the cross” ( Bible) — He did not wait until we asked forgiveness. And so we as Christians do the same — we choose to forgive as an act of undeserved love =- like our King. “Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me”. I sang and preached in the middle of this hotbed of pain and an outright murderous spirit of bitterness and rage that has overtaken the people. 

I grabbed a megaphone and shared my testimony of being able to overcome bitterness and hatred. Forgive as Christ forgave. 

Million Maga March
Some newspaper articles said “only a couple hundred people showed up” but I was there and I confirm that there was well over a million marchers! You could not see the ends of the masses. It was an ocean of people. 
What an exciting time to be alive! Excited that people won’t accept corruption silently. As a South African I know when letting corruption be until it seems too late. But God… 
This (See below) was FREEDOM PLAZA where the March began. How fitting. 

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Be of good cheer
I hope this has encouraged and inspired you to speak up and shine brightly! “Where there is darkness light shines brighter!” — that’s you! You are the LIGHT! Christ in you! Get out there and SHINE! 
Jesus won the victory! 
God Bless Love & Fire Lindy-Ann 


  1. Thank you for this. For encouraging Americans to stay with Godly truth. Praise His name.

  2. Lindy-Ann is so right – I was once one who believed that Christianity and Politics don’t mix … until 1977, and when I broke through the barrier and began to preach God’s Word against apartheid, I realised that the whole Bible has more chapters on political issues and government than on Salvation and Holy Living. Not that I disparage the Gospel message, not, but it just shows how blind we evangelicals can be to those parts of the Bible that do not fit our pre-conceived ideas. More Christians must speak God’s Word into the issues of our day – Scripture is so rich, and is such a strong foundation for such speaking.

    It’s sad that Lindy-Ann’s photo was abused to show what did NOT happen. We must be on our guard – there are many distortions of the truth out there. Heed the warnings of Psalm 12 and Jeremiah 5.

  3. *The Civil Servant (politician)…’He is The Minister of God’
    “The church is not meant to be detached form society” – Bill Winston

    What we today refer to as a politician, God’s word by definition refers to as: ‘the minister of God’ Rom 13:4 ESV

    There are two roles in ministry:
    1. The Civil Servant Rom 13:4 “For he is the minister (civil servant/politician) of God to thee for good”.
    2. The Spiritual Servant Eph 3:7 [Paul] “I was made a minister according to the gift of God’s grace, which was given me by the working of his power”.
    Moses fulfilled both roles, Hezekiah as well in that they held ministerial office in both spiritual and civil servant (political) matters.

    Martin Luther King Jnr. Said: “We will not remember our enemies; we will remember our friends who remained silent”.
    Imagine if William Wilberforce had remained silent?

    Too often, in terms of the injustices of ruling and evil governments, we remain silent. and in our ‘defence’, the following scripture is cited and quoted out of context (as was during the apartheid era by the South African church) – Rom 13:1 “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God”. The point that is missed here is Rom 13:4: “for he is God’s servant (politician) for your good”.

    When the good is breached, we are not obliged to be subject to the breaching of the good, as is the case of a doctor in South Africa, ‘forced’ to carry out an abortion on the request of a thirteen year old child because the government has ruled it as law. The cop out for the doctor is: “I am only doing my job and my Pastor has always told me to be “subject to the governing authorities, instituted by God ”.

    In instances like this, as in the case of the American founding fathers, we ought to and must state:
    “Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men”. Act 5:29

    Lindy-Ann Hopley, you make a very valid and pertinet statement in your article here: ‘Who sold us the lie that we sould not get involved in politics? Definitely not God or the Bible’.