It’s the Days of Baal — and the Days of Elijah, says Jonathan Cahn

Jonathan Cahn

Originally published in Charisma News

Is there a mystery that lies behind the dark forces that are transforming our nation before our eyes?

In a stunning YouTube video from May 2021, Jonathan Cahn sheds more light on a mystery that lies behind the events that have shaken America, from the storming of Capitol Hill early in 2021 to right now.

It all begins with a biblical template that reveals what is happening in our world today, especially since the end of Donald Trump’s presidency. The video is a powerful follow-up to his blockbuster best-selling book The Paradigm, and gives clear insight into what it all means, where we’re heading, and what the future holds.

A nation Falling away from God
“This is a prophetic message of a different kind,” Cahn says in the video. “You won’t hear it on the news or from the media establishment. But I believe it’s going to open your eyes to a whole other realm of stunning connections that lie behind what is taking place all around us. It’s going to culminate in what it means for now, what you need to know for what lies ahead.”

Cahn says the mystery is about the very course and future of America.

He has written several books, starting with his first stunning best-seller in 2008, The Harbinger, which included warnings that are clearly manifesting today. But the mystery Cahn opens up now is a continuation of his book The Paradigm, published in 2017 by Charisma Media.

“The template of The Paradigm concerns a nation,” he says “ancient Israel that once knew God—but is now rapidly falling away from Him and heading ultimately for judgment. America is also a nation that once knew God, and is now rapidly falling away from Him. And the warning is that its course ultimately leads to judgment.”

In the video, Cahn outlines how the Capitol Building in Washington DC is also referred to ‘America’s Temple’ which aligns with the biblical template of the Temple of Baal; how the ancient King Jehu aligns with Donald Trump; how in early 2021 the new Congress was opened up in a prayer to a pagan god; how those events led to the storming of the nation’s Capitol, and a shocking connection with the biblical template.

A stunning sign
After the Capitol Building was attacked on January 6, 2021, the numbers of those arrested that day would change in the days and weeks ahead. The numbers would grow.

But Cahn points out in the video that the day immediately following the attack, when the initial arrests were made, the Washington DC police announced a notable number of arrests. Several headlines read: 80 arrested For civil unrest at US Capitol and around DC.

Astoundingly, says Cahn, that number – 80 — was also connected to the ancient template of Jehu and the temple of Baal.

“Let’s go back to the actual paradigm; what does it say?” Cahn asks in the video. “Reading the actual scripture that speaks of the people who stormed the temple of Baal: Now Jehu had appointed for himself, 80 men (2 Kings 10:24). Eighty men! The exact same number. Jehu appointed 80 men to wait outside the temple, then said to the 80 men, ‘Go inside’ (v. 25).”

Cahn notes that there were more people involved that day, and more arrests made later. “But the very fact that the signs of the template manifests in the exact same number shows that the paradigm is replaying,” he says.

Another stunning sign pointed about by Cahn in the video: “Jehu would ultimately have men go inside the temple as well — he had to have men go inside before the rest came in to prepare the attack. So on Capitol Hill that day, there were people inside the Capitol — America’s temple — that were fighting for Trump’s election and against the movement of the proceedings.

“Two objections were heard that day and voted on. The final objection, the final resistance, concerned the state of Pennsylvania. Those who were behind that resistance was one senator and the rest from the House of Representatives. How many stood against the vote, and for Trump’s cause, from the House of Representatives? Eighty members of the House of Representatives. Eighty! That same number manifesting again, the 80 men of Jehu of the ancient template.”

A window of time has come to an end
Cahn says he has much more to share about this mystery and where America is heading. “But for now, what does the mystery reveal for this hour — for America, and for each of us?” he asks. “When I wrote The Paradigm, I put in a chapter called ‘Things to Come’ just as I did when I wrote The Harbinger,” Cahn says. “And I wrote a warning concerning the reign of Jehu:

Under the reign of Jehu, Israel’s apostasy was slowed, but not reversed. So the nation’s short-term danger was averted. But the long-term danger was not.

“Jehu wasn’t the answer—he was used by God,” says Cahn. “And he did good on one hand, but the Bible says his reign was mixed. His reign was a reprieve to slow down the nation’s apostasy and give the nation a chance to return to God. It was a window of time.”

Here’s why Cahn says that matters. “January 6 was the day that window came to an end. It was all sealed on that day. It was the watershed moment, the moment that the Republicans lost the Congress and the President officially lost the presidency – the end of the reign of Jehu. It was a moment of spiritual importance, and so everything exploded.”

So why did the ancient paradigm manifest so strongly that day, following the ancient template?

“Because that was the template that frames the reign of Jehu,” says Cahn. “Jehu’s rise to power was sealed as he prevailed against the temple of Baal. Trump began his rise, and the temple of Baal fell to the earth two months later, after 2000 years.

“And now that same template is again replaying — Jehu versus the temple of Baal. But this time, it wasn’t the day of Jehu’s victory, but of Jehu’s defeat. The same day that marks the official loss of [Trump’s] presidency, and of the Congress itself, was the day that the ancient mystery manifests before the world. The same mystery that marked the beginning of his rise and reign, now marks the end of his reign. It was the reversing of the fall of the temple of Baal. It was the rising back — the return of the temple of Baal. It was all sanctified, all begun in a prayer to a pagan god.”

What does It mean, and what must we do?
Cahn ends the video with a chilling revelation. “This all means that we are now in a new day,” he says. “These are the days of the reign of Baal. The agenda of Baal has taken control the nation’s government—Baal’s agenda concerning the blood of the children, the forces of abortion; Baal’s agenda concerning sexual immorality; Baal’s agenda of war against the ways of God and His people, the war against religious liberty; and Baal’s acceleration of the nation’s apostasy.”

So, what must we do? “If these are the days of Baal, then these must also become the days of Elijah,” says Cahn.

“We must become more and more like Elijah: uncompromised, untainted, undefiled, entangled with the world—separate from the world, yet a light unto the world. We must become more single minded, rooting out all compromise and all fear of man –more pure, more focused, more set apart; stronger, bolder, less wavering, and more absolute. We must proclaim the truth to a civilization—to a culture to a nation—that rejects it, and yet needs it all the more. Never retreating, but always advancing, proclaiming the gospel of Messiah, the salvation of our God.”

He concludes the video with an encouraging exhortation. “Be strong and of good courage. Know that the days of greatest challenges produce also the greatest witnesses, the greatest men and women, the greatest lives for God. This can be your greatest moment if you rise to it. The days of the deepest darkness call for God’s people to shine all the more brightly—the greatest of light.

These are the days that count.

“And remember, whatever you do, do not bow down your knee to Baal. Instead, go all out in the name and glory of the living God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the name of Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah.”

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