It’s time for SA Christians to join a movement for good!

At the forgood roadshow in Port Elizabeth this week are (from the left), Pastor Mvusi Gwam, African Enterprise team leader in PE, and Heartlines team members, Mzamo Moloi, Nevelia Moloi and Brian Helsby.

[notice]Call to transform SA with help of new forgood social networking technology[/notice]
Heartlines and African Enterprise (AE) have joined forces to promote a groundbreaking social networking tool which AE national team leader Miles Gijjam says provides the church with an opportunity to take a lead in social tranformation in South Africa.

Speaking in Port Elizabeth yesterday he said the church played a key, behind-the-scenes role in the struggle against apartheid and achieving the “miracle” of 1994. Since then it had taken a relative  back seat. The forgood technology, which facilitated maximised collaboration on community projects, offered the church a chance to reclaim its role as a history maker.

African Enterprise national team leader Miles Giljam

Giljam was in PE during the second stop of a 14-city roadshow in which Heartlines and AE representatives are introducing the forgood network to Christian leaders and NGOs throughout South Africa prior to the launch of the forgood website on June 10.

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He said he believed the forgood technology was a gift from God that would change the way that the church worked and would provide the under 35 generation, who had grown up in a global world without apartheid, with the means to take action necessary to build a gospel centred nation for the good of all.

He said the new generation of post-apartheid leaders needed to be mentored and inspired by the older generation of Christian leaders who had served well prior to 1994 and needed to build on the foundation they had established.

“God is calling young leaders to come together to dream a new vision for the next 30 years of our beloved country,” he said. “Young leaders, those who are willing to take risks and make sacrifices in order for great things to happen, need to start talking, planning and acting together for good.”

If facebook, with over 665 million users, was a country, it would be the third most highly populated in the world. The significant impact of social networks like facebook and twitter was apparent from the key role they had played in toppling regimes in north Africa and the Middle East. Imagine if you could harness the power of this kind of connectivity for the church, said Brian Helsby of Heartlines. With the free forgood platform it was easy for users to organise themselves  into interest and action groups that were powerful enough to change communities and the nation. The forgood platform allows people to find each other online, based on their location and interests, joining them for action together in the real world. It also features content on a range of broad social areas from health to HIV/AIDS, personal finance to the environment. The networking opportunities are detailed in the forgood information brochure and the forgood promo video below.


Helsby said that over the next few months various organisations will be using televsion and radio to promote opportunities to participate in worthy campaigns. They would tell the public to visit the forgood website where they could get involved. Churches and ministries that got their outreach projects listed on forgood now would be well placed to benefit from the tens of thousands of visitors who would be driven to the site as a result of the tv and radio publicity. Help with uploading information onto forgood is avaialable by emailing or by phoning Heartlines at 011 – 771 2540.

While Christian organisations were responsible for the development and promotion of the forgood platform, it was open to any organisations or individuals. “We want the churches to take the opportunity to set the tone and create a Christian atmosphere. It also provides churches with opportunities to draw in non Christians,” said Helsby.

The Heartlines/AE roadshow takes in the following centres:

Cape Town:  Tuesday 10th May                His People, N1 City
Port Elizabeth:  Wednesday 11th May     North End Methodist
East London:  Thursday 12th May           New Hope fellowship, Southernwood
Durban:  Tuesday 31st May                       Full Gospel Church, Berea
Pietermaritzburg: Wednesday 1st June  Breakthru Church
Johannesburg: Monday 6th June            Rosebank Union Church, Hurlingham
Ekurhuleni:  Tuesday 7th June                St Andrews Presby, Benoni
Tshwane:  Wednesday 8th June              Central Baptist, Arcadia
Bloemfontein:  Tuesday 14th June          To be announced
Kimberley:  Wednesday 15th June          To be announced
George:   Tuesday 21st June                     To be announced
Nelspruit:  Tuesday 21st June                  To be announced
Polokwane:  Wednesday 22nd June       To be announced
Mthatha:  To be confirmed                       To be announced.


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