It’s Time volunteers trained to usher millions onto airfield

Angus Buchan leads volunteer ushers in a prayer time before their training session at Rhino Park airfield on Tuesday.

A small group of volunteers will be responsible for ushering in millions of people expected at Rhino Park airfield, near Pretoria on October 27, Gateway News learned at an It’s Time training session on Tuesday.

This particular volunteer training time was opened with Scripture and prayer, led by the event visionary Angus Buchan, who was visiting the prayer day venue.

Uncle Angus prayed fervently that the venue will be filled to capacity on the day.

After the prayer, the training session leader, Dieter Meyer, explained the protocols to the group volunteers whose number I estimated to be less than 100.

“At the end we should remember that we cannot park millions of cars, only God can,” he said.

He said volunteers should focus on pulling traffic towards a parking space and ushering the cars onto the airfield.

“It is of utmost importance not to engage with motorists, as even a minute spent in a conversation could cause traffic congestion,” he said.

He told volunteers to stay at their posts until the last car leaves the airfield on the prayer day and to help motorists to keep moving.

“It is a tiring job but it will be worth it to be part of this historic event.”

Mario Steyn.

Mario Steyn, one of the event organisers, has called on the public to offer help as they still need paramedics, doctors and traffic marshals to volunteer their services during the prayer event. Volunteers can submit their information here:

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  1. it was very difficult to know where our car was parked at the end,will there be markers and a map for better direction. i am sure you will, God bless you all