Jenny-May Hudson SA tour reaches East London next week

jennymayhudsonJenny-May Hudson, author of Monsters, Mice and Mercy, will be in East London next week to share her story of redemption, healing and wholeness after years of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her psychopathic father. 

The popular speaker, who now lives in Perth, Australia, details her chilling childhood of violence and psychological abuse in her book which was published last year. It is a memoir which readers will find very hard to put down. 

Catching up with Jenny-May by email on Wednesday, she said she was already a week into her tour.

“We have been so blessed. I have been back for ministry several times since we moved to Australia and I absolutely love being here. 

“It is always good to be in SA, and while I currently reside in Australia, I love both countries dearly, which is good, but my citizenship is in heaven.” 

Jenny-May will be speaking to women’s groups and churches in East London and around the country till December 7. 

Victory and grace
Told in brutal honesty, her book is a true story of the victory of the human spirit and the grace of God in someone’s life that will give hope and encouragement to all who read and hear it. 

Jenny-May was the third child of a tall, handsome philandering Afrikaner father and British mother. He ruled her and the family like a despot, controlling them and subjecting them to a reign of fear and terror until his death when Jenny was 20. 

And yet in one of the most remarkable lines near the end of the book during a vision of her father Jenny-May says: “My gratitude was secure in the knowledge that he had dedicated his life to teach me lessons which far outweighed the road I had to walk in order to learn them. Strength, perseverance, courage, adaptability, compassion and forgiveness.” 

Today Jenny-May is happy and whole and has developed a considerable speaking ministry and her journey – from abuse to self acceptance and joy – has become a source of inspiration to thousands of people. 

Well known East Londoner, Clive Collins, arranged for Jenny-May to stop over in East London when he heard she was coming to South Africa. 

“I bought the book and then I got in touch with her. I like testimonies and read a lot of theological books. You can’t believe how she has suffered and then to come to a place of wholeness and peace. I am very happy she is coming to share her story here,” he said. 

Jenny-May left South Africa five years ago to relocate to Australia with her husband, Elmore, and three children. 

In his endorsement Angus Buchan says it is “wonderful how God uses ordinary people to do His bidding for Him. We thank God for Jenny Hudson telling her story and we trust many lives will be changed because of her obedience”. 

Tour dates
This weekend Jenny-May will be speaking at Collage in Pretoria on Saturday November 16 at a women’s conference and on Sunday at 9am at World Shaker Marble Hall. 

On Tuesday, November 18 she will be at Casa Bella in Rustenberg at a women’s conference. 

In East London Jenny will be speaking at the following venues:
Thursday, November 20 at Cross Ways Church at 6.30pm
Friday, November 21 at Christian Centre Abbotsford at 6.30pm
Saturday 22 November at Christian Centre (Ladies meeting) at 2pm R30 entrance
Sunday, November 23, AOG Buffalo Flats at 9am
Downtown Christian Centre at 11am 

She will also be speaking at Word of Faith Christian Centre in Port Elizabeth on  November 23 at their 5pm, and 7pm services; on Tueday, November 25 in Durban at a women’s conference at St Agnes Church Kloof and Saturday, November 29 at Glenwood Presbyterian. She is in Cape Town on Saturday, December 6 for a women’s conference at Meadow Ridge Baptist and on the Sunday, December 7 at Hope Christian Church at 9am and 6pm.

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