Jentezen Franklin — Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt: Book review

Book Review by Val Viljoen

This book deals with where the takkie meets the tar in the life of the Christian — and that is the area of relationships, both with others and with God himself. And often the potential for greatest hurt lies in our relationships with our nearest and dearest, particularly spouses and children.

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Satan works to destroy marriages and families; it is important to know that our destiny is always to have a happy and reconciled family.

This book is a short and easy read, full of encouragement to strive for that destiny and the tools to do it. And the tools of course are those well-known, Bible-based principles such as unconditional love, forgiveness, kindness and commitment.

If you feel only pain and desperation at this moment, this book is for you. It is not just a list of “how to’s” that you may feel you have tried so many times, but a testimony to how the author himself has battled in so many areas, yet has known so much victory.

He constantly stresses that no one is perfect; also that with God our times of greatest weakness ultimately become times of greatest triumph in our spiritual battles. So this is not a self-help book, but a clear reminder of a loving Father who always wants the best for us and our families.

The last chapter is perhaps the most encouraging. It is titled The King has one more move. We are assured that no matter how weak we feel and how desperate our circumstances, God does have a plan that can lead to our breakthrough, if only we will cry out to and trust Him.

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