Jesus Freak album will ignite fresh fire in you!

Music review by Dylan Coert

Genre: Hip Hop
Distributed by Merchant Music

Juice!!! Is all that I can start this amazing CD review with. I’ve been asked to review CJay’s “Jesus Freak” CD and had so many obstacles to actually get this done but here we are. I was having a tough day and decided to listen to the CD. The lyrics of the songs ignited a new fire in me and my tough day was forgotten. I now have a renewed burning for Jesus because of this man or should I say “Jesus Freak”.

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The message is strong of who our Lord and Saviour is — Jesus Christ. We all have a desire for the Lord once we are saved but we forget that we are chosen to be in the Lord’s army and we need to go out and be His light. That’s what CJay is doing and WOW guys this hip hop is a bright light that shines out of every corner of this province and country.

When we are in Christ we have this burning that consumes us that we have to worship Him always and thank Him for His grace and that’s what CJay is proclaiming. As he says, “It’s the cross in front of you and the past behind you. Unashamed I am a Jesus Freak, that’s what I am”. The Lord will bless us if we are obedient to His word and let our inner Jesus Freak shine. CJay is a true inspiration to many and my new fuel for letting my own light shine. Like he says “I need you in my life, you are all I need and want” and that is so true. Listening to the lyrics I started to see how easy it is for the enemy to put out our light. We start to forget that the Lord is all we need, that when He died for us we received a new life. Your light can shine just like CJay’s.

His message in his music is about letting the word out and we are obligated to do so. He is not afraid of saying who his Lord and Saviour is. I love it and so will you. Parents, if your children are into hip hop let then rather listen to this CD. It’s filled with the Holy Spirit and inspiration to reach our lost nation and the song “Turn the world upside down” is all about this. This song will empower people to proclaim who our Lord and Saviour is. Philippians 4:13 “For I can do everything with the help of Christ who gives me the strength I need”. The message is simple: be BOLD in Jesus and Shine.

Look out for the up and coming concert. This Jeffreys Bay artist is shaking things up … side down. Make sure you don’t miss out. juice 4 Jesus.

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  1. Great review and backed up with a good song . Great work