Jesus take the wheel: Gauteng trip: week 2 — Julita Kok

Julita Kok reports on her latest road trip with Jesus — this time to Gauteng

Oh what a place to be!!! Johannesburg!!! It is so hectic here. It feels as if there is no rest here, very unsafe and soooo lawless and yet, God is also here. And He so loves the people. Jesus said He came for the sick and somehow, there are many “sick” people here. Lives are so busy that people simply do not have time for God. And of course, I am generalising now. I met beautiful, beautiful children of God, but many more who simply are oblivious to Him.

Even the atmosphere here — I have to stay in the Spirit of our Lord as to not allow the atmosphere to get to me. So interesting that a place can be a “living thing” and have an effect on you. And yet I know, the Holy Spirit is at work here like never before. I have had an amazing time so far. God connected me with people who have been serving Him for a long time but somehow feel they have grown cold.

Johannesburg (PHOTO: Thomas Bennie/

And I realise it is the time we live in. Especially in a place like Johannesburg. Mostly about money and performance here. You are just as good as your last performance or success and somehow people lose their identity in all of this.

So much of my time is spent sitting with people and just reminding them why they fell in love with Jesus. And the moment they remember — aaaahhhh, something happens and you see it in their eyes. I also had the privilege of spending time at a facility in Limpopo which is truly are making a difference in their community. It is an academy, but they are so much more than just a learning facility. It is a place of worship, refuge, love and total commitment to being the change in their community.

I loved what I saw there and truly enjoyed the people I met. And the cool thing is that all of this happens on a game reserve. You can walk outside and be joined by a giraffe or springbok — just so cool. They also have an amazing youth program and all of it truly impressed me. People committed to give their everything for spreading the gospel of good news.


I also went to the Free State and ministered to people on what I have learned from my Namibia trip and I received this feedback from a gentleman who attended, saying this is what they learned from my talk:

  • Totally surrender your life to Jesus and His instructions
  • Don’t limit God by what you ask or expect; He is a Father of abundance
  • Learn to rule out of a position of authority by what Holy Spirit revealed and your position
  • The power of the Gospel together with simple faith

And this was heart warming to me. If people understand that this is a simple Gospel. Available to everyone. All we need to do is believe that God is who HE says He is. If you trust that, then you will obey all He asks of you. Because it does not matter what you see, hear or experience in this physical world; all that matters is that He knows what is going on and what He is doing. Trust that and things will have a total different outcome to when you take things into your own hands.

Wintry Free State

I have been ministring to people every day and I must be honest, I love it. One of the most amazing things that happened here is the Buddist/Hindu/New-Age people I helped to come to Jesus. One of the things they did when their son was born is have a Buddhist priest dedicate him to Buddha. We had to work through all of it and I will be going to this little guy’s dedication by a Christian pastor on Sunday. The parents felt that they want to right the wrong and dedicate him to Jesus. Their lives have changed completely and the joy they experience is simply overwhelming. So thankful and I know Heaven is rejoicing over them.

I can only tell you that during these times, Jesus is again teaching the individuals. I feel like the apostles of old, spreading the good news from home to home and it is soooo satisfying. And to see God at work in people’s lives in the ways that He is doing it now, is just so awesome. He is doing a new thing in this earth and He is doing it for me and for you!!

Such exciting times. I have had so many requests for people with Covid, but I want to ask you to, in a time where the enemy wants to steal our breath — to just breathe the Name of Yahweh!! Let your every breath be His name — Yah-weh!! Yah-weh!! Yah-weh!! Let us breathe Him and then it truly does not matter what happens for we are in Him. And that is the safest place to be.

One last thing I want to share –I have become so aware of the presence of angels in the different towns I have been travelling too. It is as if God released them for something that is about to happen. I smell them everywhere I go and every town I go to, they smell different. All I know is that God loves us so much that He goes before us and this makes me feel so loved and safe.

Looking forward to what the Lord has in store for me and others in the week to come. Remember: “The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.” — Romans 8:6

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