Jesus triumphed at the cross! Why don’t we?!

Defending family, faith and freedomThe Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday (holy)days observed this past weekend again focussed the world’s attention on mankind’s greatest triumph – Christ victory over sin, death and the grave!

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, defeated sin and death at the Cross – and by so doing – overcame the world. As a result of this glorious Victory, Christians were made “more than conquerors.”

But recent events across the world appear to indicate that the vast majority of Christians still view themselves as powerless grasshoppers living in a world dominated by all-conquering giants.

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The US State of Indiana enacted a law that protects the religious rights, freedoms and convictions of Christian citizens. However, homosexual activists and their cheerleaders in the liberal media falsely manufactured a crisis that forced the State Legislature to amend the law in favour of “gay activists”.

The liberal media blatantly misrepresented the provisions of Indiana’s “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” whipping up a frenzy that saw pro-homosexual big business threaten the state with boycotts.

In a cowardly act that has become commonplace in global politics, Indiana Governor, Mike Pence caved under pressure and gutted the legislation by giving homosexual activists special rights and protections.

Religious freedoms rapidly diminishing
As a result, religious rights and freedoms in the US (and elsewhere) are rapidly diminishing. The law now compels Christians to not only violate their deeply held beliefs and convictions but also forces them (by law) to condone and celebrate a lifestyle choice condemned by Scripture as sinful.

Tragically, millions of US Christians voted Barack Obama into power. He has used that power to create an America where the Christian majority are now forced to submit to the homosexual minority agenda.

The other atrocity is the cold-blooded massacre of 148 people at a university in Kenya by Islamic terrorists. Many were targeted for being Christian. Attacks by Islamic jihadists are escalating in barbarity across the world. Apparently, Obama (of Kenyan descent) has no plan to stop the jihadists.

When Islamic terrorists in Paris recently gunned down 16 people, the liberal media provided blanket coverage of the carnage. World leaders rushed to Paris to stand in solidarity with the French people.

The reason: 12 atheist media personalities at a virulently anti-religious magazine were killed. Media-driven responses to these atrocities are usually carefully calculated to advance the media’s own agenda.

132 more people were massacred in Kenya than in Paris. Yet, the liberal media did not converge on Garissa nor did African or other world leaders rush to Kenya to stand in solidarity with its people.

More surprising was the lack of outrage and comment from the Christian Church across the world. Global Christian leaders were mostly muted in their response to the Kenyan massacre.

Remarkably, the Obama administration, the EU nations and the UN have done very little to stop the growing Christian genocide across the world. Islamic jihadism appear to be growing in strength.

The Victory of the Cross and the Resurrection we just celebrated means Christians are not a defeated and hopeless people. Jesus Christ’s Triumph at the Cross guarantees we overcome every situation!

If Christian citizens will not take a bold stand to defend their own beliefs and religious freedoms and actively work for justice and peace for their persecuted brethren – nobody else will!

Disunity in the Christian Church has greatly diminished its influence in the world. Jesus prayed that we (His Church) must be one. Because a Church united as One under His Lordship cannot be defeated.

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  1. Peter McGregor

    Thank you my brother; very well said. Disunity in the Christian Church has certainly diminished its’ influence; but then maybe it is time for the brothers and Saints to call on the LORD Himself to reveal to us what His purpose is for this country in these last days.The reason why most Christians are not able to take a bold stand is, I believe, because they do not know what Jesus meant when He said:”Deny yourself and take up your cross daily, and follow me.” He also said:”He that loveth his life,shall lose it and he that hateth his life in this world, shall keep it unto life eternal. If any man serve me, let him follow me and where I am,there shall also my servant be:if any man serve me, him will my Father honour.’Jn.12 v.25-26.Unless we die to self in order to serve the Father, we can have no place in the kingdom of GOD. It is for this reason that most Christians (whether knowingly or not) remain in the kingdom of this world and are not able to be part of the Kingdom of GOD Himself. Do take care and GOD Bless,…..Peter.