‘JOY! Magazine’ publishes ‘The Bible In A Nutshell — New Testament’

How well do you know the Word of God?

Have you ever read the Bible as a whole? Do you understand each book of the Bible, as well as where it fits into the storyline of our faith? Do you know the significance of each character, each prophecy, and each moment recorded in Biblical history?

Surprisingly, few Christians can articulate the central themes and overall message of each book of the Bible, says JOY! Magazine in a press release about their new book,  The Bible In A Nutshell  — New Testament, which is available in English and Afrikaans versions.

The seed of the publication was planted when JOY! set out to tackle the Bible-knowledge challenge of many Christians through a monthly teaching in each issue of the magazine. For the last six years, every book of the Bible has been studied and published in a monthly series.

The Old Testament In A Nutshell, which was published in 2018, was authored by Dr Peter Hammond, a Cape Town-based historian and Bible teacher. The newly-published The Bible in a Nutshell — New Testament was authored by Dr Victor Kuligin, former lecturer at the Bible Institute of South Africa (BISA).

From Matthew to Revelation, each page of the well-researched and written book includes illustrations to help tell the stories of the Bible visually and deepen biblical understanding. Resources at the end of the book include a chronological timeline of the New Testament, maps of Paul’s missionary journeys, as well as a list of Messianic prophecies from the Old Testament, and Scripture references as to where they were fulfilled in the New Testament.

Though it has taken years to produce the book, the publishers say they have made it as affordable as possible at R100, to help get God’s Word out in our nation. You can order English or Afrikaans versions of the book at bibleinanutshell.co.za

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