Julita explores from Cape to Cairo: Episode 10 — A turn of events

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Kenya and beyond

The last time I wrote to you was from Nairobi, Kenya. Since then a whole lot has happened and I am going to try and capture some highlights as just so much has happened.

Kenya was good to me. What an amazing nation. Intelligent people with vision, but of course, sad to say, they too have a corrupt government, they tell me. I met absolutely amazing people yet again and am astonished with how and where God has His people and where He uses them. But I am keeping the stories for my book.

Here, I want to share my journey. So, I really wanted to go to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi and also Ethiopia and Sudan. I always knew that I could not take my car into Egypt, but wanted to drive it as far as possible. Two days before I was to leave for Ethiopia, the church there let me know that it was not safe to drive with my car. The unrest has moved down to the south and there are many armed civilians. If I was to land in the wrong town, I might have trouble and if I travel alone and I have cameras with me, I would be under suspicion.

Now, many people will say yes, all of this is true and others will say, nonsense, it is totally safe. So I took it to the Lord. Am I to drive into Ethiopia and Sudan? And the answer came as a clear NO, but the Lord told me to fly over to Israel from Egypt. So this was a turn of events.

At the Nile

I flew into Ethiopia for a connecting flight to Cairo and stayed there five nights and six days. Flew to Tel Aviv via Jordan and then took a taxi to Jerusalem. Stayed there five nights and 6 days.

I think, so far, Egypt (Cairo) had the biggest impact on me. 25 million people in one city. What you see there is both hair-rousingly scary and absolutely mind blowing. To see them coexist with one another is magnificent.

And then the pyramids and the old civilisations! That taught me such a lot about God and man’s longing for his creator. Everything they did, was to ensure a great afterlife. They went to extreme lengths to make sure that the soul would find the right body. It truly was mesmerising to me, having knowledge about Jesus and a resurrected body, to learn all about their way of thinking. Truly, truly amazing.

And then Garbage City. A whole community (all Christians) built on garbage. To see how they live, operate, play, survive and even eat amongst the everyday garbage of 25 million people!!!!! I could stay there (despite the terrible smell) and just sit and listen to the stories of these Christians for days on end. May God bless them. And they have these amazing churches in caves. Open spaces which God gave them to escape the garbage. I loved it.

And the NILE!!! Impressive. I can share a lot more, but let me. Move on. Oh, yes, and one other thing. My hosts in Egypt were a Muslim family. Man oh man, can I keep you busy with this story. When I reached my Africa end destination –Alexandria — this Muslim family was with me to celebrate. No Christian joined. Only they. And I knew it was a prophetic act on its own which I will explain in my book. But God clearly showed me why they were with me and why no Christian joined. This God of ours. How marvellous are His ways.

End destination — Alexandria

And just like that, I found myself in Jerusalem. Jerusalem, oh Jerusalem. What will I say about you?? Bitter sweet in a way. It made me tired just to be there. I know her so well. And I had no idea what I was doing there. I went down to the Old City on my first day and just decided that I am not going there again. It was tiring. I have a history with Jerusalem and have spent many hours in those streets. So I spent my days asking God to direct my footsteps. And then one morning He told me to walk round the outside of the Old City. And when I reached a certain spot overlooking the East Gate, I had to make a declaration over Africa. I thought that was it.

And then, just before I left, on the morning of Shabbat, He had me go to Succat Hallel, the 24/7 prayer room. There were three other people there and while praying there, God had me release His words over Africa. The word will go out from Jerusalem the Bible states. And suddenly I realised what God was using me for. It was a totally mind blowing God moment, because the words coming from my mouth, were not mine. In that moment, I knew — this is what I came for.

The Tower of David, Jerusalem

After that, I just wanted to go home and I was extremely tired. But God restored my strength and I also knew that I have to drive back to South Africa. That part of the mandate is not finished. God still has some business with people along the way and with me.

So now I am turning back. I accomplished some of the mandates. I went to Alexandria and I went to Israel. And now I am turning back to Cape Town. So please keep on praying for me and help me get home safely. Pray that I will keep on being vigilant and hear His voice and not get tired along the way. I have to complete this race as Paul stated. I am nearly there. I should be back in Cape Town within the next 40 days. God is good!!!

So people, keep on doing good. As it is the goodness of God that will lead men to repentance. Nothing else. The goodness of God. And you and I — we show people how good God is. So keep the faith, HIS faith and let us run this good, good race.

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