Julita explores from Cape to Cairo: Episode 2 — The journey begins

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Julita Kok is back on the road with God again — this time driving solo from Cape to Cairo on a mission called Kora 2022. In this episode she crosses her first border post

Fully-equipped and ready to roll

Oh my word!!! And here I am writing to you from Ghanzi, Botswana. My journey has started and here we are. 

I do not have lots to report from this side yet, as it is day 2, but let me tell you what God has done so far. The Scripture that says “above and beyond”, “above what we can ask for”, “overflowing”, all of those Scriptures are not words to me anymore. I am living it. It is very much alive on the inside of me. The abundance is quite overwhelming I must say, and yet not unexpected. Because I know He is capable.

I have everything I need for this journey — from the Toyota Prado He provided to the Bialetti coffee maker. A day before I left, my car was even fitted out with a Rooftop Tent!! How amazing is this God.

But let me tell you, these past two weeks were hectic and stressful. Putting all the visas and final paperwork in place, buying the last minute stuff, going for training on my recording equipment, saying goodbye to people, having talks in-between. Just hectic. But all necessary. 

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Beautiful landscapes

And then just like that, the day arrived. Just a normal morning and yet to me, there was nothing normal about it. I was embarking on a journey across Africa…. Cape to Cairo….. oh my word!!! What was I thinking? But I wasn’t, because if He calls, I obey. As long as He knows what He is thinking, I am okay with it.

But I will tell you this. I am so outside of my comfort zone. I do not know how to camp, I am not a sound engineer, I am no photographer and suddenly I need to do all of the above and make a fire now and again as well. But I do love people and already, there are plenty of them around. Praise God. And my car is definitely drawing attention. So many people start a conversation with me because of the car.“What does Kora mean?” “Are you traveling to Egypt? On your own?”  And then the big question….. “WHY?” And I love to answer all these, because it leads to some great conversations from different cultures and languages, because the car draws attention from all. So happy it is branded.

Busy road

Many people warned me concerning border posts. So I was quite nervous yesterday, crossing my first border post. Exiting SA was fine, but then going into Botswana, they had many questions. But all went well and then right at the end, the last post, they wanted to check my car. Now if you have seen it, you will know… just to unpack… 30 minutes. To repack… 45 minutes. So I told the guy that I am not strong enough to unpack all the crates. This car is my home for the next few months…. Lots of stuff!!! And then he wanted to know why I am traveling alone and for so long and why I want to record the sounds of Africa and and and. At the end he said that he wants to join me and I should just go. So no unpacking was done!! Praise God!! BIG JOB that one.

All the stores here in Botswana accept pula (their currency), but also SA rands and Namibian dollars. This was cool as I still had some SA cash on me. But I will tell you this…. This place is HOT!! 33C. Eish!! Tiring. I spent my first night in Kang, and was accompanied by many mosquitoes and flies!! Urg!. But I need to get used to it as this is only going to get worse. Going to pray them all away, hehehehe.

My overnight place

So today I have appointments to meet some Bushmen (I am in the Kalahari still) and also to see what work is being done with orphans in the area. Exciting stuff.  

Tomorrow I continue into Namibia through Buitepos. I will spend the weekend there with more than 130 people coming to bless and send me from Namibia. How cool is that!!! Then I will continue to the Caprivi strip through Grootfontein and Rundu, back into Botswana for 4 days and then I cross into Zambia. First stop Livingstone and the Victoria Falls. Excited about what God will do in Livingstone. Always about the people. Not about going …

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