Julita walking for God in her “vellies” in land of Switzerland which has forgotten Him

A special report from Julita Kok from Switzerland where she in on a different kind of assignment than her Africa missions of recent years

Julita in Switzerland

Many Gateway readers will remember me as the woman traveling through SA and then Namibia and then, oh my word, Cape to Cairo. Just by typing it, it seems so surreal.  And just when I thought God is making an overlander out of me, He sends me to Switzerland.  Soooo totally different from Africa. No loadshedding, lots of cheese, public transport is magnificent, anything my heart desires available right here (if I can afford it that is — extremely expensive here). Nothing like Africa. 

I was very surprised when God spoke to me four months ago and said Switzerland is next. But when I understood why, I was okay with the mission. Those of you, who follow world events, will know all about the agendas of different governments and organisations and even individuals. I am not so clued up, so it is very strange to me when God asks me to do something totally outside my field of knowledge, but then — coming to think of it, He always does. 

The World Health Organisation headquarters where plans are unfolding to impose global health regulations which affect everybody’s freedom

And I know many people who go on assignments for God — sure you do too — and most of them have to do big things for God. But me, He is always very generous in allowing me to do easy things. Things I can actually do. My mission this time is to walk. Yes. You have read it correctly. I am to walk. The Lord told me to wear “vellies” (type of shoe). In Africa we know vellies very well. In order to make a vellie, an animal has to die, as the skin of the animal is used in making the vellies. Also, when you wear a vellie, it takes on the shape of your feet. The longer you wear it, the more you can see the shape of your toes and feet in the shoe and no one else can wear your shoes. And the Lord told me to wear vellies as a prophetic act, symbolically spreading the blood of Jesus everywhere I put my feet. The blood of the animal was spilled to make the vellies and where I will tread, the blood of Jesus is not recognised, so it is a prophetic act to put my vellies with the blood of Jesus on this soil. And this is my job. Wherever God sends me here in Switzerland and Europe, I am to wear my vellies and just walk and put my feet down. I can do that.

Where walking in “vellies” becomes a prophetic act about spreading the Blood of Jesus

But what I did not know, is how much I would be walking. Oh my hat!!! My first day in Geneva, after traveling 30 hours from Cape Town via Dubai to Geneva, I walked for six hours in total and travelled for another nine hours by bus and car to different places. When God said: “Walk”, He meant it. I was once again amazed by God’s connections. A lady who is a friend of a friend of someone I know, connected with me and boy oh boy, did she take me places. She asked me what my mission was and what it is that I want to do. I told her I want to go to the WHO’s offices and to CERN. She said that was easy as she works next to WHO and lives next to CERN. She works at the UN and took me to all the organisations around WHO.  World Council of Churches, The Global Fund, UNICEF, International organisation to Migration, the UN, GAVI, Bill Gates’ Green Village and a few others. Money, power and science. No place for God as even the WCC is bankrupt and busy shutting down as Bill Gates has bought their land with the buildings on it. And seeing all of this, I saw a little of God’s timeline in the Earth. I was able to walk inside many of the buildings of these organisations and around some of them, putting my vellies down.  And that is all I did.  I was at the WHO on the last day of the 76th World Health Assembly where, thank God, they did not sign the treaty to the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations.  It is on the table now for 2024. We cannot escape these things, but God is very much in control and we do not have to fear for what is coming.  My mission is very much about the generations to come, to prepare a way for them, so I know that God has this. And I am not the only one. This lady from the UN was very excited when I shared on the blood of Jesus. She said that I am the second one to come to Switzerland saying that God told me to spread the Blood of Jesus everywhere I go (it is a prophetic act of course). The other person was from Singapore. How interesting is that. So God is so in control. If we understand that we are His body and each has to fulfil his/her role, everything works out fine. There was a lot I experienced at CERN. Do yourself a favour and do some research on CERN. I will not discuss that here. But all I can say is that there are some very clever people in this world and a lot of them do not believe in the existence of God and they are obsessed with understanding how our universe came into existence. Doing all kind of interesting experiments including time travel, AI and many other scary things. But again, God is so in control.  They think they are, but they are not. 

What is interesting to me is that the lady who took me round, comes from Indonesia and has a very senior position in her office.  She was recruited nine years ago. Nobody knows that she is a Christian and she works in a very important department having to make huge decisions. And quick decisions. And I realised how God has His children everywhere. And some of them work in areas where we cannot even imagine. South Africa has no idea of how “lucky” we are to still openly confess Jesus. What a joy!! I do not think we appreciate it, simply because we do not know the flip side of it.

Swiss mountainscape — breathtakingly beautiful but hard to climb, Julita found

From Geneva I travelled to Seelisberg and I must be honest — my breath was taken away for a moment. I have been to many beautiful places in the world, but this piece of earth here is breathtakingly beautiful. I cannot for the love of me understand how people can live here and see this beauty every day and not believe in God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. I have not been able to connect with a lot of people here. In Geneva they spoke French and here in Seelisberg where I am now, only German. We do not understand each other. So my journey here is much different than what I have been doing up till now.

I did meet a Romanian pharmacist, 28 years old. She works in Bucharest for an Israeli pharmaceutical company and works in the refugee camps in Bucharest in her free time. The refugees are from the Ukraine. I asked her about the war and she says it is very real. Many places have been completely destroyed and many people lost everything. It is very bad and sad, she says. She met Jesus three years ago through a book she read and wants to set up a Bible study in the refugee camps. Is this not awesome? She says they take care of their physical needs but not spiritual and she feels that this is what she must do. Her name is Alexandra. Please pray for her if you remember.

He leads us in paths of righteousness for His Name’s sake

So, on my first day after arriving in Seelisberg, the Lord tells me to walk a certain path. Did a little research and found that it will take me two hours more or less. I like that, so I put my shoes on and off I went.  Truly, I thought I am going to die. I knew why I had to walk. God is very clear in His instructions and I knew it might have a challenge or two, but never expected what happened. Going down took me more or less 35-40 minutes. Spectacular views and felt the “going down” working on my knees and ankles, but nothing out of the ordinary. It was a very steep walk down to the Lucern Lake and I had no idea on what it would look like to go back up. The Lord instructed me to walk in circles here in Switzerland. Eveything is about circles. And I was not allowed to take the same route back. But when I got to the bottom, all the directions were in German and I had no cooking clue which road to follow. So I asked the Holy Spirit and started.  Within minutes, I felt the resistance, I felt my weak flesh, I felt the heat, I felt every muscle in my body and there was only one way out of it — I had to move up and forward to get out of it. Three hours of absolute suffering later, I reached the top. At one stage I felt so nauseous and dizzy, I knew I was going to pass out if the Lord did not help me. And I prayed and asked for Him to please help me. I knew if I passed out, there was a possibility that I would fall off the cliffs as it was a very narrow path with no railings or anything. And just when I felt I could not move one more step forward, there was a bench in the middle of nowhere. I fell down on that bench and passed out for a few moments. After that, I truly had to drag myself for another 90 minutes and even asked the Lord to give His angels command over my feet. I knew that I was battling what was in the spirit. And I knew I had to and would conquer. Because I was not alone. When I finally got to the top, I was still 20 minutes walk away from my accommodation. I have no idea how I got home. That evening I woke the whole Seelisberg with my screams of pain as my legs went into spasms. This was not an easy assignment. It took its toll on the not so willing flesh. But, I made it. I survived and I accomplished what He told me to do. What happened in the spirit I do not know, but all I know is that it was and is conquered. So the people group God asked me to do this for, will be okay.

Walking, walking, walking in my vellies in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  What an absolute privilege. The exchange rate is a bummer. CHF 1 (Frank) against R22. Bought a cheese only sandwich with few fries and a glass ice tea — R575. Will never complain about SA again hehehehee. God is good!!!

I continue to walk as and where He leads. Seelisberg is where three men from three different cantons (provinces) got together in 1291 and formed what later became known as Switzerland. And here, they included God in their prayer for Switzerland. Majority of the Swiss have forgotten their God, but He has not forgotten them.  

Switzerland — get ready!!!!!

May God continue to go before each and every one of you readers and may you know Him intimately.

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