Karoo Mighty Men (and women) start 21-day prayer countdown

The Karoo MMC promotional poster, showing Angus Buchan on the farm Rusoord at the foot of the scenic Renosterberg Mountains. The venue is 346 km from Port Elizabeth and 382 km from East London.

In three weeks time many thousands of men will gather at the Middelburg farm Rusoord for the Karoo Mighty Men Conference (KMMC). Tomorrow a group of about 30 people are starting a three weeks 24/7 prayer meeting which they believe is vital for the spiritual success of the KMMC.

Intercessors from Middelburg and surrounding towns will join forces in a combined prayer, praise and worship meeting on the farm from 6pm to 9pm tomorrow in an event intended to jumpstart the prayer initiative.

Thereafter there will be three-hour time slots until the completion of the 21 days at 6pm on Friday 29th April, which marks the beginning of the KMMC weekend that will be addressed by MMC founder Angus Buchan. The goal is to have prayers continuously on site (on the farm for the first two weeks and in Middelburg for the final week) so that members of each prayer shift will pray for the prayers that releive them. There will also be participation by off-site intercessors.

One of the event organisers, Dave Turner, who is a Middelburg farmer and lay preacher, said: “Many thousands of people could attend the Karoo Mighty Men Conference but if there is not a transformation in the lives of those attending, not much would have been achieved for the Kingdom of God. This is where prayer comes in, because we know that the fervent faith-filled prayers of righteous men and woman are powerful and effective in transforming lives, healing the sick, setting the captives free and bringing people into the right relationship with God and their neighbours.”

Prayer behind every decision

Turner said prayer was the power behind the KMMC and every decision concerning the conference had first been committed to the Lord in prayer; from whether to hold the event at all, to what portfolios members of the organising committee should hold, unity among committee members, solutions to specific challenges, and giving thanks for the provision of answers to problems.

He explained there had been a number of different aspects to prayer around the KMMC ranging from weekly intercession meetings, to weekly committee prayer sessions, monthly 40-hour chain prayer sessions, and finally the 21-Day, 24/7 Intercession event.

Turner said that the KMMC organisers had been inspired by the Moravians (whose prayer meeting lasted over 100 years) and the “24/7 House of Prayer” movements that were currently sweeping across the world.

“This 21-Day, 24/7 Intercession event is to prepare the ground and stand in the gap as watchmen on behalf of Middelburg and the whole Karoo-Eastern Cape region. We hope to bring together believers from the different churches and towns of the region to form an intercession team to impact beyond the scope of the Karoo MMC and to intercede for general matters relating to the Karoo and Eastern Cape as well.

“We would like to stir and inspire believers from neighbouring towns to raise-up intercession teams in their respective towns and thereby impact the whole region. We are asking people who would like to be involved to make a commitment to taking one three hour slot per week, for the three weeks. We just need 56 such commitments and we will have the 21-Day, 24/7 Intercession event covered.”

He said that based on the principles found in Ecc 4:9-12 and Matt 18:19-20, people were encouraged to prayer with prayer partners or in teams.

“Spending three hours praying with your spouse will do wonders for your marriage, while any small group (Bible study, cell, fellowship) will never be same after spending a few ‘watches’ together.

Some of the issues that will be prayed for the KMMC include: that God would bring those who He wants to be there; for the preparation of the hearts of those that will attend the event; for powerful breakthroughs in people’s lives during the KMMC; that many would be set free and delivered from bondages and addictions; for healings – physical, emotional and spiritual; for transformation of the regions towns and cities in line with the values and principles of the Kingdom of God; for leaders at every level; and for the youth and schools.

Turner said that while the Middelburg believers would obviously fill up the bulk of the time slots, each of the 90 surrounding towns were invited to consider sending a team to pray for one or more time slots.

“Not only will they be able to pray more specifically for the people coming from their respective towns, but just being at the KMMC venue and involved in the action, will greatly stir their hearts and expectations.

“For the first two weeks of the event we will be praying at Renosterfontein (the venue of the Karoo MMC), while the last week will take place in Middelburg.”

Turner said there were facilities to sleep over, so groups could book a whole day or night at a time.

“In addition to those who are at the venue, we welcome people to pray from wherever they might be.  Any prayer requests, words or scriptures can be sent via email or fax and we will paste them in our prayer book along with all the rest of the content.”

Anyone wanting to be involved in this 21 Day 24/7 Intercession event for the Karoo MMC should book a slot online or contact Dave Turner at devlei@vodamail.co.za , 049-8421911 or 079 879 1848.


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  1. SO WONDERFUL to see such committed Christians so dedicated to the Kingdom work. I will be praying with you during the 21 day time of intercession & during the M.M.C. time in Middelburg.
    May the Lord pour out a double portion of blessing, joy & power on all involved. The Farmhouse b&b, Port Elizabeth.