Latest developments in Mogoeng-led initiative to find solutions for SA violence

Senekal community members pray for peace at a prayer meeting on October 14 (PHOTO: Marco Langari/AFP/

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng who last week hosted urgent online leaders’ meetings to seek solutions for violence in SA has since sent a report-back to attendees and received inputs back from a number of them.

In a letter sent to attendees on Friday, together with his report, he apologised for setting tight deadlines but said the situation demanded it.

It is expected that a further meeting will be called next week and that one of the outcomes will be the formation of a network of national leaders and a steering committee to keep the multi-pronged initiative rolling efficiently.

Mogoeng launched the initiative — which has brought together Christian leaders, leaders of farming associations and leaders from communities impacted by violence — under the banner of the Hope, Healing and Restoration Project which he leads.

Tshego Mogoeng, a spokesperson for the project, told Gateway News today that many of the people who responded to Mogoeng’s call for inputs by 12pm today, had confirmed that they were available to help coordinate the initiative.

Mogoeng’s report touched on many areas where Kingdom leaders are needed to spearhead practical solutions. A few of these areas are a national safefuarding strategy, poverty alleviation, rebuilding the family structure, prayer-walking / prayer initiatives, and healing and reconciliation.

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