Latest Election prayer news from Cape Town

Two prayer venues have been made available in Cape Town for election prayer over the next two days, reports intercessor Ashley Cloete today (Monday, May 5, 2014).

The venues are the Woodstock Baptist Church and the prayer room at the Civic Centre (Cape Town House of Prayer) where a small boiler has been prepared for the month of May. There will be two dedicated prayer slots each day between 07:00-08:00 and 13:00-14:00 for corporate prayer and intercession.

The detail of the prayer focus (to serve as guidance) is available at the Civic Centre prayer room.  There are four stations in the prayer room (like a boiler room) to assist in focussing people on specific prayer areas:
The “Church”
The “Leaders” (Government, Council, Community Leaders, etc.)
The “Communities – in Cape Town”
The “Work place/business”

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When praying for each area, prayers are asked to pray  in the following areas:
Love – That the love relationships will be restored between people and God and between people.
Forgiveness – repent, turn, receive and provide forgiveness
Peace – that that peace that that only God can give be restored.
Power – that God will manifest His power – Acts 1:8 “and you shall receive power when you are waiting on the Lord”.

More election prayer and worship arrangements is different centres are available here.

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