Prayer, worship temperature rising as May 7 approaches


Christians throughout South Africa are intensifying prayer and worship initiatives in a bid to shift the spiritual atmosphere as the May 7 election draws closer.

In Pretoria, The Way, a broadly-based network of 200 youth leaders, has got the go-ahead to host #GAPnight2014, a multicultural prayer and praise event at the Union Buildings (@ SAPS Memorial) on the night before the elections. Some 2 000 young people are expected to attend.

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“We want to make a statement that we CAN and WANT TO build the necessary bridges and cross the divides some deem impossible. We will pray towards a country where our differences aren’t a threat anymore, but is something to be celebrated – a country that can focus on what is important; the blessing of God on our people,” say the organisers.

The Way have been working together in this network for almost a decade. For the past few years they have presented “Bergbid/ Prayer on the Mount” at Fort Klapperkop, which has been very successful as a united effort.

The #GAPnight2014 evening will include cross-cultural praise and worship and the various prayer points will be lead by leaders from the different churches represented there.

See #GAPnight2014 promo video: 

More information is available from Janine van Niekerk – 082 885 7732 or JT Terblanche – 084 671 4991 and from #GAPnight2014, FB groep: TheWaySA; Twitter: @GAPnightSA.

In Cape Town worshipers will attend a Burn 24-7 event today (Friday, May 2) to worship and declare God’s governance over South Africa. The event will take place from 19:00 to 09:00 tomorrow at Bay Community Church, Muizenburg. (See Facebook page).


Port Elizabeth Christians will unite at a 24 hour Election Praise and Worship event over the election period: it will run continuously from 7pm on May 6 to 7pm on May 7 and is open to all.

“Besides uniting in casting our democratic vote for party and person, we are also uniting together to celebrate the freedom we have in Christ Jesus. We will celebrate the changes and growth in this city that we have been experiencing because of His love, grace and mercy and the positive changes that are still to happen. This irrespective of the negative publications and comments we sometimes read and hear about,” say the organisers — a group of individuals from various churches throughout the city.

One of the venues for the 24 hour Election Praise and Worship is the Walmer West Primary School, in William Moffet Expressway, just to the left of the robots between Fig Tree Spur and Maritime Motors. There will be tea, coffee, soup and hot dogs available to buy throughout the 24 hours.

The event is hosted by individuals from various churches throughout the city. They say they want to see the city united together, praying, praising and worshiping God without boundaries or city limits. They believe that God has united them for this purpose. This can be seen in the way events, over the past few years have just fallen into place, they say.

They also believe that God is birthing this same seed in other groups throughout the city and He is moving mightily through them as well.

More information is available from:

Peter Gooch (Burn 24/7 in Port Elizabeth)    083 657 4213
Ellenor Lotter                                                    082 497 5746
Sandy Peasnell                                                   072 650 2784
Laverne Gadiah                                                 079 503 7225
Anthony le Roux                                               083 278 3533                              

In Bloemfontein we have 7 days on the Wall from May 4 to 10, reports Hannelene Mostert. We are inviting believers all over town and surrounding areas to pray with us for the election, spiritual awakening, salvation of the lost and social justice. You can contact us at, she says.

SA prayer networks
Meanwhile, writing on behalf of various SA prayer networks, Daniel Brink reports that thousands of Christians across the nation have been engaging in focussed prayer for the National Elections over the last 80 days. With just days left before the election he urges every Christian Leader to encourage his/her followers to engage in intensified prayer and fasting for the country, from Monday, May 5 until Wednesday, May 7.

He says churches and prayer groups are called to consider the following strategy for the 3 days of fasting and prayer:

  • Use the worship services on Sunday to call the believers to fasting and prayer for the Elections.
  • Consider fasting from food or in a way that is appropriate for your situation.
  • Consider giving individuals an opportunity to sign up for one or more of the 72 hours.
  • Provide some practical prayer information to individuals, like the guidelines below.
  • Consider special corporate prayer meetings for every evening.
  • Provide opportunity for people to share testimonies the Sunday after the fast.

Some suggested guidelines to assist in providing focus for individuals or corporate prayer include the following key areas:

  • “Hallowed be Your name” Matthew 6:9 Pray for the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to be honoured and exalted over this nation and in every sector of society.
  • “Your Kingdom Come” Mathew 6: 10 Let us pray together that the outcome of the 2014 elections will advance God’s Kingdom in South Africa.
  • “Your will be done” Matt.6:12 Let us pray that during the 2014 elections God-fearing leaders will be elected.
  • “And forgive us our sins (debts) as we forgive those who sin against us” Matthew 6:12 Let us pray that the Holy Spirit through forgiveness and reconciliation, will continue to renew the hearts and minds of the people in South Africa. 
  • There is already unrest, strikes and violence in the nation, false rumours, accusations, emotional hurts from the past, racism between all the ethnic groups, poor service delivery and the economic situation in the nation can all contribute to violence. Pray for peace to cover the nation in the run-up to the elections, the election date and after the elections.

Various resources are available to help Christians pray strategically for the elections. These include the Jericho Walls Prayer Guide,  The SA Prayer Movement for Change Prayer Strategy Document, and a Prayer Guide from the Insitute of Christian Leadership Deveopment (ICLD).

  • On April 29, the South African Council of Churches hosted a multi-faith prayer service for the elections at the Catholic Cathedral in Doornfontein, Johannesburg. The President was represented by the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development, Mr Jeff Radebe.


  1. Hannelene Mostert

    In Bloemfontein we have 7 days on the Wall from 4 -10 May. We are inviting believers all overtown and surrounding areas to pray with us for the election, spiritual awakening, salvation of the lost and social justice.

  2. Hannelene Mostert

    You can contact us at

  3. WOW! This is SO exciting! ;-)

  4. We just finished with a 44 hour non-stop praise and worship session where numerous churches in JHB (or Joyburg, as we like to call it) joined to exalt Him and just soak in His love. We also have a prayer chain where our connect groups have been taking turns in praying for the election in our House of Prayer over the past 2 weeks. Exciting times!!

    • I live in JHB,Randburg. What is your group? I am looking for a prayer group to join in my area. Any info or recommendations will be appreciated. thanks

      • Hi Beth! Our connect groups are coming together to pray in our House of Prayer at Breakthru Life Church, Randburg. Please visit our website for more information. It will be lovely if you can join us in prayer… Blessings!

      • thanks so much. I sent an email to your church. I didn’t see the details about praying in your house of prayer. I would like to join you, but I don’t have a car. do you know anyone who could give me a lift? I live in northwold? what times and days is the prayer?

    • Hi Marene, may I join in your prayer chain for our country? Thank you

  5. Encouraged and inspired ! Let’s storm the gates of heaven for South Africa wherever we are. May 7 is important for God !!

  6. Berdine Rossouw

    WoW this is so awesome!!!
    I live in Fourways, Sandton, Joburg and will pray and fast from Monday/Sunday evening . I am standing in prayer with all of you. My God be glorified and I declare that Jesus Christ is Lord over South Africa!

  7. I just realised the date -7 May – 7 is God’s number! It means completeness!!

  8. I live in Fourways, Sandton, Johannesburg. I will join in with the prayer and fast from Monday May 5.May 7 is very important. My our Heavenly Father be glorified. I declare and degree that Jesus Christ is Lord over South Africa.