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How much are tickets for It’s Time? Where is It’s Time Pretoria taking place? How do I get involved / offer services? Can I camp at It’s Time Pretoria?

These are some of the questions asked and answered in the FAQ list published on the website this week, together with other helpful information for people around South Africa who want to attend the It’s Time Pretoria (Watch and Pray — Mark 14:38) event on Saturday October 27.

As this report is being written, a countdown on the site reminds one that there are just 50 days to the prayer gathering which Angus Buchan believes will be the biggest the country has ever seen.

Video clip for churches
In a short video clip (see below) which pastors and small group leaders are asked to show to their people, he says some leaders in Pretoria believe as many as five million people will attend It’s Time. He says there will be prayers against violence, corruption, hatred, racism and more, the name of Jesus will be lifted above every other name, and they will trust God to make a difference in the nation.

A higher quality version of the above video can be downloaded at

Everything you need to know about the event can be found by clicking here

UPDATE VIDEO: Special message from Uncle Angus today:

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  1. Barbara Wayman

    This can be THE turning point for RSA – let’s pray that repentance is deep and heartfelt with a 180 degree turnaround !!