Leaders meeting to pioneer godly banking system

Dr Alexander Chisango (Zimbabwe) president of the World Economic Congress.

Christian thought leaders attending a kingdom banking think tank in Sandton, Johannesburg on Friday (March 2) aim to discover and develop a policy framework for the establishment of a godly banking system.

The international lineup of speakers at the inaugural Kingdom Banking Conference of the Kingdom Policy Institute include Dr Zienzi Dillion and Landa Cope from the United States, Bengt Arnesson from Sweden, Dr Alexander Chisango from Zimbabwe, Pastor John Osa from Nigeria, and Louis Gerber from South Africa.

“Once the foundational policies of a godly banking system has been unearthed, the plan is to then engage business and industry regulators, and governments to pave the way for the roll-out of a godly banking system commercially,” said Luyanda Mangquku convener of the indaba.

Dr Zienzi Dillon (USA) president of Marketplace Calling International.

Dr Chissango, president of the World Economic Congress said the indaba would not just be an exercise in academic and theological talk but will be a platform for arriving at practical solutions for the world.

No reformation of nations can happen without realigning the storehouses — the name denoting banks in Scripture, he said in a video promoting the indaba.

Topics on the conference programme include practical lessons learnt from kingdom banking and how and how biblical prescripts and principles are being applied in the kingdom crypto currency market and in cooperative financial institutions, establishing a godly (usury-free) bank in the current banking regulatory framework, how to practically migrate from a Babylonian banking system to a kingdom banking system, creating room for kingdom banking and dealing with spiritual barriers and decrees over the banking sector, the patterns and pillars of a godly banking system.

Indaba attendees who are expected to be from business, government, the Church, academic and research institutions, will have an opportunity to participate in discussions from the floor.

The indaba will take place at World of Yamaha, 19 Eastern Service Road, Eastgate, Sandton from 8am to 4pm on Friday March 2. More information is available online at www.kingdompolicyinstitute.org or by calling 060 009 6988.



  1. Ivan Thavatiah

    Praise the Lord. Finally his people come together for his agenda, addressing the imbalance of Godly principles in the Babylonian system.

  2. It is TIME!

  3. Bishop Patrick Mapfumo

    That is the right way to go.

  4. Peoples money must also be kept in coffers that have Godly foundations.Glory toGod

  5. Powerful initiative.we pray for success.

  6. Will this be tax free banking as it is a religious based.

  7. We pray for success of the initiative