Learners, teachers praying together at PE schools

Primary school learners, teachers and parents get down to heartfelt prayer at PE prayer walk.

Learners and teachers in several Port Elizabeth primary schools have begun to pray together in an initiative that Port Elizabeth JOT teacher Paul Clough expects will spread like heavenly fire to every school in the city.

Paul Clough.

Clough, who had a vision in February, in which he saw the city protectively encircled by God’s fiery arms and flames of God’s presence falling on schools where learners and teachers prayed together, believes that a recent prayer walk at Walmer West Primary School signalled the start of a prayer move that would usher a citywide youth revival.

“To date I have shared this vision with 16 headmasters and they have all committed to becoming a part of this vision,” he said.

Initial prayer walk
At the initial prayer walk on the grounds of Walmer West Primary School on June 1, learners and teachers from that school, as well as representatives of Verkenner Primary School, Westering Primary School and Mothers Who Care split into teams and prayed for exams, the Education Department and Government, finances, teachers, fellow students, safety and security and gave thanks to God for what He was going to do in local schools this year, said Clough.

“This was just the beginning of great things to come. The schools of Port Elizabeth are awakening to the fact that their only hope lies in the hands of God. God has the answer to the crisis that we are in- and on this day, the students of Walmer West Primary cried out to God for His intervention. They laid hands on their Headmaster and teachers and spoke the blessing of Almighty God over them,” he said.

Lizelle Botha, a parent who participated in one of the prayer walk teams said: “We had one teacher standing in the middle of the group and there were primary school children laying their hands on this teacher to pray for her. They prayed such passionate heartfelt prayers and everybody was totally overwhelmed.”

Westering Primary School teachers, Karen Maree and Denny Botha who participated in the prayer walk, praying with a group of 12 girls and their adult leaders, wrote: “It was a humbling experience to be a part of this prayer initiative and we hope that this will be the first of many such walks in our city as God is the answer to the challenges that face education. We look forward to meeting with other like-minded schools in the future with the possibility of having a walk at our own school.”

Clough said that a Mothers Who Care intercessory group that met to pray at Verkenner Primary School was blessed last week when the school sent seven learners to join the adults in prayer. He said the children prayed with great boldness and integrity and everyone there was awed by a weighty presence of God. Since then, Verkenner have confirmed that they are planning a prayer walk at the school at 1pm on Friday, July 20. All learners and their parents were invited to participate.

He said anyone wanting to become a part of the schools prayer initiative was welcome to call him at 073 478 9281.


  1. Gill van der Riet

    Wonderful initiative!

  2. Praise God for this amazing initiative! God is moving among the youth of Nelson Mandela Bay! Let us, as adults, support this move of God with fervent prayer!

  3. May Father’s presence amoungst His children be soo strong , that they truely become His fire–raises

  4. Midst the euphoria we need to be alert and remember that this is a secular state. We must fervently pay that the atheists and the Islamists don’t manage to block this move as they have done in the USA.

    • i agree with Mike.Our goverment sway to much when put under pressure and the Islamists will object to this move.So christians all over SA pray for this innitiative our schools need it