Let’s get ready for revival!

Godspeaks[notice]A monthly prophetic perspective from Marian and Kate Fitz-Gibbon[/notice]

repentanceThese days much talk circles in the atmosphere about revival, and the stirrings are mounting a great excitement in the spirit.

We feel that at this incredible time in our history and future, it is important to hear God’s heart around how we can prepare for the coming revival.

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One thing God is making quite clear is that when we do our part He will come in and extravagantly do His part.

This is what is on our hearts, and it lines up with the words of ministers like Cindy Jacobs and Carol Arnott.

Repentance brings realignment
Before we move forward into anything new, repentance is a huge key because it softens our heart in every area towards God. Repentance brings realignment!

Sometimes we can be skeptical with prophesies that carry a repentance message. Our silly pride says they are legalistic and God loves us anyways. Unfortunately we have gotten ourselves into a situation because of our stubbornness, and now God is saying a change has to come. We cannot continue living substandard lives. He will only move on our behalf when we repent, humble ourselves, admit that we do not know it all, and begin to seek His face for His divine will, and not our interpretation of His will. He’s saying repent so He can bless us, so we can clear the blockages that hold the flow of the Spirit back.

Two of the things that have long been on God’s heart and the heart of His prophets are unity between the body of Christ, and laying down the plans of man to take up the plans of God.

Where we have really failed in these areas, saying sorry and walking away from the wrong way of doing things will please the Father immensely.

Perfect will
We have to move into a space of choosing the perfect will of God over the acceptable will of God. Revival will shake things up and we need to be ready to move where God moves. We want to be headed in the direction He’s going so that we can walk in the full inheritance that revival will bring.

Having an honest conversation with God to find out the ways we can upgrade ourselves and the church is so key at this time. We want to be in total surrender to God. More importantly we need to be open to His answers, because some of them will be very different to our own ideas of how God likes to do things.

When we seek the Lord earnestly, He will answer us gloriously. 

Isaiah 54, which has been spoken as a promise over South Africa says “I will make your windows and pinnacles of sparkling agates or rubies, and your gates of shining carbuncles, and all your walls of your enclosures of precious stones.”

Isaiah 60 and 33 have been given for our country as well. We really recommend that you read both full chapters and your hearts will be greatly encouraged.

“Then you shall see and be radiant, and your heart shall thrill and tremble with joy at the glorious deliverance and be enlarged; because the abundant wealth of the Sea shall be turned to you, unto you shall the nations come with their treasures.” Isaiah 60:5

 “The ships of Tarshish shall come first, to bring your sons from afar, their silver and gold with them, for the name of the Lord your God, for the Holy One of Israel, because He has beautified and glorified you.” Isaiah 60:9

Word for SA
An excellent prophetic word for South Africa from Joburg based Bernadine Munn that speaks exactly about the silver and gold of SA being the Lord’s can be found here

Isaiah 54 also speaks about enlarging the place of your tent.

We are to spare not and hold back nothing in getting ready for the expansion and new levels that God wants to take us to.

God wants to take from uncertainty and shyness to abundance and boldness, from under performance to incredible creativity.

Especially for churches, it’s essential that we ask God what our role in the revival will be. We need to know what kind of people He would like us to raise up and disciple, and how we should do it. He would also be giving us areas of authority, and so we should ask Him how He would like us to steward these.

Some of the grandest gifts God has given the church are the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

God seriously delights in us being good stewards, so it would really make sense that we get trained in the gifts of the Spirit.

The gifts are for all believers, not just some. They are also going to be incredibly valuable for the purpose of continuing and expanding the revival. With the revival spilling out into the streets and everywhere, we need to be comfortable prophesying, praying for healing, miracles, operating in impossible faith in everyday life.

Something that we really feel strongly for musicians is to begin to write songs. Write, even if you have no platform for your music yet. For a time is coming where the divine music the Lord gives you will be so needed in abundance and you will be key in ushering in His presence.

Ultimately, revival starts with each one of us. Begin a personal journey with God where you get really hungry for His presence and ask Him to revive you personally.

In the personal reviving it’s so good to get spiritually fit and physically fit. Praying in the spirit and building endurance is incredibly refreshing and you feel things inside you being brought to life as your heart aligns with God’s heart.

Getting physically fit is so essential because our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and when the Holy Spirit comes in power, we really want to make sure that our body is fit to worship for long periods of time.

Let’s be found to be shining like the Son during this time of preparation and move on God’s heart to lavish His presence on us. Then He will set us free to be the country and people of whom God is our glory and beauty, and a joy from age to age.

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