Letter to churches in NM Bay: Time for action!

From Trevor Jennings, Transformation Christian Network

Dear Editor

The Stadium Prayer Meeting held on Saturday, 22 October 2011 was indeed a milestone reached in church unity in our city.  What was more amazing was the process and great faith shown by key individuals to be obedient to God and just not give up irrespective of the obstacles that confronted them.

Now it is time for action (James 2:14).  We are a nation in crisis and the critical areas that have been identified in NM Bay and South Africa are education, crime, health and ongoing division between our leaders.

If ever our country needed the Church it is now.  Many churches are already doing many wonderful things.  We appeal to the churches and members of congregations who are not yet involved to step forward and make a contribution.

We would like to encourage all churches and Model C schools to adopt and get involved in assisting other less privileged schools, to get involved in groups already supporting our police services, to get involved in health care initiatives.  Finally, to be vigilant and outspoken about the root iniquity of our city, i.e. division between our leadership in church, business, education, government and sport.

We would like to invite all the citizens of NM Bay, whether churched or un-churched not to be spectators but to get involved in these grassroots issues.

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