“Lisa” doing well after operation made possible by compassionate donors

Lisa with Rene
Lisa with Rene Morcom — before the operation.

“Lisa” (name changed to protect her identity) a 14-year-old  who needed surgery to remove two large, debilitating, genital growths caused by a sexually transmitted disease she contracted as a result of a violent rape attack on her when she was 12 has undergone a successful operation made possible by the generosity of medical professionals and compassionate donors.

Rene Morcom of Thandi House, a safe house in Pietermaritzburg where Lisa is staying, says the date was set for Lisa to go ahead with her operation, and then there was an emergency one day when she got very sick and they had to act straightaway. They had to change hospitals at the last minute to the most expensive one in the town, but they are so glad they did. There was no discount from the hospital but they had fantastic nursing care and a number of the professionals provided their services for free. 

She says Thandi House, the Morcom family and Lisa are most grateful for all those who contributed to the medical costs as there was enough for both the theatre and hospital fees. The news of Lisa’s medical plight recently spread through various social media, with Gateway News being one of those avenues, eliciting financial support from as far afield as England. 

Morcom recounts that the experience has been an amazing journey and although her faith in God has not wavered, her faith in humankind has been restored by the way people rallied to help Lisa have a second shot at a normal life. 

She says Lisa has come through the surgery so successfully that she will probably not need any further medical intervention due to the surgeon performing such a magnificent operation. Her post-operative wound is much like a burn wound and is incredibly painful when being cleaned and when dressings are changed. She says Lisa screams during these daily procedures and it is very traumatic for all concerned. But but the improvement each day is quite dramatic. 

She says besides the physical healing, there has been a very noticeable change and healing in her emotional and mental well-being. There is a freedom in the way she is interacting with the world around her and even her English has improved. We serve a great and mighty God. 

On a physical level there are so many things that Lisa can now do that we so often can take for granted, says Morcom. She is now able to sit on the couch and watch a movie, sleep with her legs straight, walk and help around the house with chores such as hanging up washing, cooking supper and bathing the babies. There is something new and positive everyday in her recovery. 

She says Lisa is so very grateful and cannot stop saying thank you for this opportunity that she has been given. She really thought that she would be like this forever and never thought she would be normal and included in life. She was always cast aside, mainly due to the terrible smell from the growths. The first words out of her mouth after the operation were: “ Mommy and Daddy, I am so excited that I don’t smell anymore.”

Rene says there has been such joy in this journey and that God has used the right people to step in and help from all around the world. There have been small and big miracles as God moved people’s hearts to open in love for this young teen. 

Morcom believes that God has placed Lisa at Thandi house for such a time as this and she cannot wait to see what God has in store for her future. The next big step will be school next year, and catching up with all that she has missed out on.

“It seems we have a very clever girl here and we ask for your prayers in this transition back into normal life.”

Morcom believes she has received rewards here on earth just by witnessing the miracle of Lisa’s healing and transformation. She wishes people had met Lisa before the surgery and then met her just two days later to see the incredible change. She says she often watches Lisa through tears of joy. To God be the glory, great things He has done!


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