LISTEN: Sean Feucht releases new song, ‘Imago Dei’, celebrating worth of every baby to God

International worship missionary Sean Feucht this week released a new song, Imago Dei, which he describes an “an anthem of Life” inspired by the US Supreme Court’s recent historic overturning of a ruling that had legalised abortion nationwide for the past 50 years.

Feucht, who led the Let Us Worship (LUW) South Africa event in Johannesburg last Saturday, says in an email to LUW supporters that “this is likely the most special and important song I have ever released in my life!”

“Not only are we celebrating the answer to 50 years of prayer to overturn the death decree of Roe V Wade, but we are also singing about the worth of every baby in the eyes of God!  This song is also extra special because it carries the sweet voices of all four of my children! We sing the chorus together at the end, and my little 4 year old son, Zion, finishes out the song with a powerful statement,” he writes.

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Listen to the song below:

The lyrics of the song are:

Verse 1
Before I was formed,
I was loved and adored
By a father who knows me by name
You sewed me together and buried
Your treasure
Inside of a soul and a frame

Imago dei
I’m fearfully, wonderfully made
Imago dei
There’s glory in all You create

Verse 2:
Before my conception
My home was in heaven
Then you breathed Your life in my lungs
Your prefect design that You purposed in time
Wholly made in the image of God
I am made in the image of God

Imago dei
I’m fearfully, wonderfully made
Imago dei
There’s glory in all You create

Oh what a miracle
Fully intentional
All that you fashion,
It is good
Isn’t it obvious
Not a coincidence
Life is your passion,
It is good

After Roe v Wade was overturned on June Feucht led a time of worship outside the US Supreme Court in Washington DC, saying: “Only God could do something like this in our generation.”

In an interview with Fox News at the time, he shared about the pro-life burden he has carried since his teen years. The Fox News report reads:

“The journey started for me when I was 17 years old, and I was actually on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.,” he shared. “We had a prayer meeting called The Call D.C. and one of the preachers began to talk about and share about abortion and Roe v. Wade and began to share about this burden of prayer to see this reversal of this death decree. And man, something came on my heart, and it was like a burden from heaven. Like it wasn’t, it wasn’t a manmade thing. It wasn’t a manipulation thing. It was really like I felt like I got the heart of God for this issue and I began to pray ever since I was 17 years old.” 

He went on to describe the meaning of the wristband that he wears wherever he goes that reads, “Life.”

“I have this ‘Life’ band. This one’s been on my wrist for 10 years,” said Feucht. “It used to be bright red, and now you can see it’s faded. I had another one before this that’s in all my wedding pictures that was on my wrist for like seven or eight years. And so every day when I look at this, it says life, I pray for life. I pray that God would reverse the death decree of Roe v. Wade and bring revival to America.”

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  1. John and Susan Woodall

    What a blessing 😇 God has blessed us with so many songs that give God praise🙏🏻

  2. God is love and because of he who loves, all our lives are made in his image to show forth his Glory. Amazing love.
    Thank you Sean Feucht for these beautiful lyrics.

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