Little girl leads her entire family to Jesus

(PHOTO: Facebook / Adam Weber).

Originally published in God TV

To lead the whole family to Jesus has always been a believer’s prayer after being the first to be saved in the family. That is why when the news of a little girl who led her whole family to Jesus went viral, it stirred hope and encouragement to the body of Christ.

Family baptised together
In a Facebook post, Adam Weber revealed photos of a little girl and her entire family being baptised in water. And what’s more impressive is that it was the little girl who brought her entire family to Jesus.

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Emma, the little girl, belongs to a family that does not go to church. But one day, over a year ago, she began to ask and nag her parents to take her to church somewhere. So, her parents took her to a church.

Her mom said, “Apparently she was being called to follow Jesus and was told to bring us along. Let me tell you, this is one persuasive girl.”

Emma’s mother

God uses little girl
A year later, Emma managed to bring her mom and her older sister to church. Soon after, her dad started to come as well.

Emma’s older sister

“My husband started coming a couple of months ago. This man has been to hell, literally, but he has survived. He NEVER pictured himself in a church, and often mentioned that he would burst into flames if he tried,” Emma’s mother said.

“However, seeing his 3 girls get excited to get up early every Sunday to go to church, he became intrigued,” she added.

Emma´s father

Today, Emma had victoriously led her whole family to Jesus. And they got baptised together!

Also, Adam, the person who baptized them, revealed how she responded when asked why she wanted to be baptised. The little girl replied, “I want to follow Jesus for the rest of my life!”

“She said it like a 30-year-old would,” Adam described.

The next time you doubt yourself, if God can use you, think of Emma. He can indeed work mightily in your life too! Just trust Him.

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  1. Praise the Lord ! It will be the young and upcoming who will carry on the last big revival all over the planet !!! Bless little Emma , Lord Jesus bless her family, may she be a blessing in her school too, and with whoever she comes across… In Jesus Mighty Name ,, Amen !!!