Lockdown worship is ‘move of God’ that will continue after restrictions lifted

Naomi Lombard from Durbanville, Cape Town, one of the many musicians who have been uniting across South Africa to keep a stream of worship flowing through the national lockdown period. Visit the Worship South Africa Facebook page between 5.30am and midnight daily to tune into the worship. The first half hour of each day is devoted to prayer. (PHOTO: Facebook live video screenshot).

Special call to unite in song campaign at 8.15pm nightly

The programme of daily live worship that was launched on the Worship South Africa Facebook page after the country went under lockdown was extended when the stay-at-home period was extended by two weeks — and “there is no way it is going to stop” when the lockdown ends.

So said Julita Kok, one of the organisers of the initiative in which hundreds of South African worship leaders and artists are taking 45 minutes slots to stream live worship from their homes between 5.30am and 12 midnight daily.

She said it was amazing how God is using the worship not only to touch listeners at home but to minister deeply to the worshipers themselves.

“We just believe this is a move of God. We have sat down and appointed what we call an ‘exco’ — a few of us worship leaders and people with hearts for God — to take it further. We are busy praying and asking God: ‘What next?’ Because it is easy to do big things but when there is a move of God it is important to be listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit,” said Kok.

She said: “We do believe that the prophecies that said that something will start in the South and move throughout Africa — we are a part of it. As worshipers we prepare the atmosphere for the next lot to come and do what they have to do — so we see it as very important.

“We also realise that we need to write the God-inspired songs. And what is very important to us is a sound that comes from South Africa. And what that sound is, I don’t know at this stage. But it will be a frequency that we release into the earthly and heavenly realms and the enemy will recognise that.”

Kok said the response from worshipers throughout South Africa to the call to unite to provide a stream of worship throughout the extended lockdown period was amazing.

“We’ve got too many worshipers now. We have to turn people away because there are not enough slots for everybody. Can you believe that?” she said.

Join in singing ‘Because He Lives’

In a message to the many South Africans who have been tuning into the daily Worship South Africa worship sessions, exco member Pete Gooch said: “Thank you for the overwhelming online support and encouragement as we worship together across South Africa.

“We have an EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: Every evening with the 8:15pm Slot (new worship leader change) — we ask you to join in with your family, open the windows and doors or go outside and sing with us Because He lives I can face tomorrow. Let’s synchronise this with technology to declare our hope in the living Jesus as a nation with one voice.
#StrongerTogether #unitedWeStand”

He said Worship South Africa is also challenging radio stations to broadcast their live Facebook stream at 8:15pm for this song to assist those who have limited data to be part of this united campaign.

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