Louis Brittz releases new song, ‘My Broken Praise’

Louis Brittz

By NueLight

You know him as the man who changed the lives of thousands of youngsters with his youth camps; you know him for his Psalms 1&2, In Verwondering and In die Hemel is die Heer. You know him from Loftus vir Jesus and you know him as the husband of Hettie Brittz and the ordeal they had to go through. Here is a brand new song where Louis Brittz pours his heart out in a song so personal; it feels like it is written for each and every one of us . It is raw, it is honest and it is simply beautiful.

Louis wrote his new song, My Broken Praise, as a response to the brokenness in his own life as well as the lives of so many people around us currently The past 19 months had the whole world look at their own lives again and we saw who we are as a human race. So many people suffered, but amidst all of this, we can still pour out of ourselves unto God even if that praise feels broken . It is not, because the power of God within you, can never break.

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Louis and Hettie moved to the US a few years ago where Hettie is part of the James Dobson team of Focus on the Family. Louis joined their local church and is currently the Worship Director at Tri-cities Celebration Church in Johnson City, Tennessee. He is in charge not only of the worship of this church, but of all artistic content which includes his passion, Musicals.

His children truly took to the American lifestyle and his eldest daughter, Idalise, married a young American more than a year ago. Although Louis and hettie miss South Africa and her people, they stay in touch and they visit often. Louis says that the American language still gets to him. “Dit is net soveel makliker om „n ding in Afrikaans te sê”.

So, in the words of Louis: “I just want to bless the people of South Africa with a song that truly comes from my soul.

Sometimes our most beautiful worship comes from our times of brokenness. And that is why my scars can be vessels of worship and praise. In my brokenness my melody of praise becomes my perfume of worship and I can let my scars sing”.

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  1. Lizelle Du Toit

    Wow! Really Spirit-filled!