‘Love Wins’ documentary sheds light on terror in Mozambique, ministry’s perseverance

Originally published in CBN News

A new documentary is shedding light on Iris Global Ministries and their efforts to share the love of Jesus Christ in Mozambique as a “campaign of terror” has displaced millions. 

Nifento is set to release in November and follows Heidi Baker, her husband, Rolland, and Iris Global’s CEO, Will Hart, as they “fight to see love win against all odds in the midst of terrorism, chaos, and torture of the innocent”.

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“Many of our friends have lost their homes. They’ve been burned down,” Heidi shares. “Others have lost their lives, but we are empowered by love and because we are empowered by love we continue to go. We are going to continue to go. Low and slow. You can’t stop us because love wins.”

As CBN News has reported, Islamic insurgents began to violently overtake the northern province of Mozambique roughly five years ago.

“Since October 2017 there has been a group of militant extremists responsible for scores of attacks against government institutions and civilians in the north of Mozambique where we live,” read a statement sent to CBN News. “They are targeting anyone who opposes their brand of terror.”

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“In the last few weeks these attacks have intensified in frequency and brutality,” it continued. “Each attack has involved killing and burning houses…Villagers are fleeing for their lives, carrying nothing with them, and have become refugees in the bush or on offshore islands.”

Since then, more than 800 000 people have fled their homes with “stories of unspeakable evil made manifest.”

According to Nifento.com, missionaries and filmmakers James and Jessica Brewer wanted to showcase the grim reality of war and terrorism while highlighting the response of Iris Global.

“I can say that with this war, I have suffered a lot,” one woman, Elisa, told Iris Global on film. (link) “I lost my father and I lost my husband. I also lost my sister.”

Through tears, she explains how her husband, who was a pastor, and her father were killed by jihadists. Elisa and her family of 18 fled their home. 

“My husband’s uncle was also beheaded,” she said. “We buried his body, but still have not found his head.”

Despite the threat of terrorism, cyclones, floods, famines, and extreme poverty, Heidi says she is staying to minister to the lost.

“They are the most extraordinary people I have ever seen in terms of courage and generosity,” Heidi told CBN. “One of our pastors even had a 4.5-year-old child of his beheaded. Another one lost their home, six churches burned to the ground.”

“Instead of being overwhelmed by a world filled with so much pain where extremists come and war happens, instead of being overwhelmed by that, we’re empowered by the love of a God, who is love, to stop for the one in need,” she shared. 

“This is the greatest joy of our lives,” Baker added, “to be here for such a time as this.”

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