Make this Women’s Day matter! — End exploitation!

The “Prevention and Combating of Trafficking in Persons Act” has not yet been implemented despite President Zuma signing the comprehensive legislation into law in December 2013.

The illegal sex-industry in SA is largely overlooked by authorities because of a lack of proper regulation. However, sexual exploitation and abuse of women and girls persist in this sordid trade.

The trafficking of women and teenage girls for the purpose of prostitution remains a social scourge. Strip clubs, massage parlours and escort agencies are often legal fronts for prostitution and trafficking.

Mavericks investigation
The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) released details of their investigation of Mavericks strip club in Cape Town recently. Although the investigation focussed on “labour rights violations,” suspicions remain that strip clubs like Mavericks are hotbeds of sexual exploitation of women.

“Exotic dancers” reportedly have to pay the club for the privilege of stripping for their leering patrons. Strippers also pay the club (pimp?) a “fine” when leaving the club with a “patron.”

Prostitution and sexual exploitation of women and girls are rife in so-called “adult businesses.”

The good news is that the South African Government has clamped down on “exotic businesses” where much of the sexual exploitation, abuse and sex trafficking of women take place.

Under the new immigration laws, foreigners are prohibited from owning strip clubs and other “undesirable” businesses. Strip clubs are also prohibited from importing foreign strippers and other workers into the country. This measure will significantly curtail trafficking of women into SA.

Local and foreign sex trafficking syndicates are operating with impunity in SA. Law Enforcement officials tend to look the other way for fear of attacks from pro-prostitution groups.

Please tune into “Watchmen on the Wall” on TBN Africa on Sunday,27  July at 7pm or Tuesday, July 29, at 8pm for my discussion with ACA’s Taryn Hodgson about the SAHRC report on Mavericks.

I will be meeting with Deputy Minister of Justice, John Jeffery on July 28 to discuss the delay in the implementation of the anti-trafficking legislation. I will also record his comments for our TV show.

The sexual exploitation and social denigration of women and girls through prostitution, sex trafficking and pornography has significantly contributed to the high rates of sex crimes in SA.

On August 11, Christian attorneys will challenge ICASA’s flawed decision to grant Top TV a license to broadcast hardcore pornography on SA TV. Please pray this appalling decision will be reversed.

In a few weeks the nation observes “Women’s Day.” This national holiday remains an empty platitude considering the persistent social degradation of women through sexual exploitation.

The time has come for the Christian Church in SA to rise up – united in its outrage – and demand that government immediately outlaw all forms of sexual exploitation of women and girls.

Strip clubs, escort agencies, massage parlours and porn merchants are currently legally sanctioned by government to sexually exploit women and girls. This abuse must stop before South Africa will see a significant reduction in sex crimes against vulnerable women and children.

This “Women’s Day” make your voice count. Demand an end to the sexual exploitation of women and girls in the illegal and legal sex industry including the destructive harm of pornography.


Errol Naidoo

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