Man fined R15 000 for abortion posters

Illegal abortion posters -- partially covered by prolife stickers.
Illegal abortion posters — partially covered by prolife stickers.

Originally published in iol news

A 26-year-old man was fined R15 000 on Wednesday (September 24, 2014) for putting up posters advertising services for illegal abortions, Johannesburg metro police said.

The man was putting up the posters at the Baragwanath taxi rank in Soweto, said Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar.

He was advertising for illegal abortions at R350 per person.

“If the man fails to pay the fine, a warrant of arrest will be authorised by the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court for his immediate arrest, as officers do know his whereabouts and his address,” Minnaar said.

Illegal abortion advertising has become widespread in public spaces in South African cities and towns in recent years and reports of legal action against the perpetrators are rare. Christian prolife groups have responded by removing the posters, pasting prolife stickers over them and in a recent initiative a Bloemfontein doctor, Faan Oosthuizen, has called on Christians to lay criminal charges against illegal abortion advertisers by making use of a model charge he has drawn up.




  1. great stuff !!!

  2. Great news. Just hope the police keep their promises, because for years they have been turning a blind eye.

  3. Yes, I agree Cornelius. Someone must make sure this is followed up to its promised conclusion. Who will do this? It’s time the law grew some teeth. There must be consequences for this wrong-doing.

  4. My question is, what is the charge against this man? Is it illegal advertisement or advertising illegal abortion. I am happy for him being charged but I am uneasy in not knowing his charge. If his charge is just illegal advertisement then a presidency has been set to clean up all illegal church advertisement. Let the churches then do things properly or they are going to be charged in the near future.

  5. Good.In combating illegal abortions we can hopefully so something to stem the tide of abortions in our country.

  6. Great work. This is a problem in most cities and towns. We must motivate all law enforcement authoroties to take a similar firm hand to eradicate this problem.