Man sues Eskom over power-saving prayers

eskomOriginally published in ioL News

A North West man is claiming R250 million from Eskom for preventing power cuts through his own prayers, Beeld newspaper reported today (Wednesday, January 22).

Nelson Thabo Modupe, of Lichtenburg, has argued that he prevented power cuts during the 2010 Soccer World Cup through his prayers.

He is a member of the Zion Christian Church.

In a letter to Eskom, he said the main reason for load-shedding was lightning and wind, and that he had taken it upon himself to pray to God and ask that no power cuts take place.

As a result, Eskom now owes him R250m, because he saved the power utility the burden and humiliation of load shedding.

Alternatively, Eskom can offer him a partnership in the company.

The claim has been placed on the court roll in the North West High Court for tomorrow (Thursday, January 23).


  1. Bizarre. To profit from God’s intervention? I am rather surprised that the court placed this on the roll and it would be interesting to see what happens.

  2. Oh my!! Does he really thinks he is entitled to being payed when he believes God answered his prayers. And does he really think he was the only one who prayed for that occurrence? Maybe he just wants his 5 minutes of fame….

  3. He needs someonne to remind him that God’s mercy and grace is free to all. It was all paid for in full by our Saviour and King. That’s all I can say.