Many not amused by cartoon ridiculing Mogoeng, Bible

Christian Consensus in South Africa emailed a letter to the editor of Daily Maverick on Monday asking for a public apology from the online newspaper and cartoonist Zapiro for publishing a cartoon (see above) that ridicules Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng and the Bible.

In the letter on behalf of Christian Consensus Dr Arno van Niekerk says calling the chief justice “Moegoe Moegoe” is “appalling and defamatory” and calling the Old Testament an “ancient myth” is unacceptable to Christians.

“Your freedom of speech again crossed the line by oppressing our freedom of religion,” says the letter, which advises that the matter will be taken to higher authorities if a public apology is not forthcoming within a week.”

And the response from the editor, Branko Brkic? — “Whatever,” says Van Niekerk.

“He made similar replies to other members of Christian Consensus who emailed their disapproval. It shows that they do not recognise the voice of Christians but the good thing is that many Christians have been sending emails, so at least they are getting the message.

“Christians are standing up for freedom of religion and our faith,” he said.

The cartoon by controversial veteran political cartoonist Zapiro, whose real name is Jonathan Shapiro, is clearly a biased response to remarks that Chief Justice Mogoeng made about Israel during a recent webinar. Mogoeng’s remarks offended the ANC, BDS and others who label Israel an apartheid state, which ironically is the real myth in the picture.

To be fair to him, the talented and much-admired Zapiro has offended prominent people in just about every political camp in South Africa and his satire once drew the ire of the SA Muslim community.

But Christians are rightly not amused by his mockery of the Bible and trampling on freedom of religion. And interestingly, a visit to his Facebook page, confirms that his Mogoeng cartoon got a thumbs-down from many. It may not be enough to make him apologise but perhaps it will make him think.

Here are several comments about the cartoon from Zapiro’s Facebook page:

Alistair Herbert This is far and away Zapiro’s weakest drawing ever. Trying to drive his own narrative he is losing it.

Philani Bright-Cossa Zapiro! Khuzeka! It’s not an ancient myth, it is the word of God!

Vasilis Karvelas I’m not religious, but I’m also not obtuse enough to insult the religion of millions of people

Theuns Zeeman I use to regard Shapiro as someone with great insight into political and social issues that influence especially vulnerable people, but I have lost all my repect for him, since he started to mock religion. Absolutely disgusting!


  1. What is this? As much as there’s freedom of speech… The bill of rights states that one’s rights should not oppress the other person’s rights. This is disrespectful to our belief of which is also our rights. This is nonsense and we deserve justice

  2. It is a mockery and unacceptable and no respect to hhe children of the Almighty and Sovereign God. It might be foolish to those that perish but the unfailing Word of God is the Lamp onto our Feet and the Way to Salvation. I cry out same as Paul of Tarsus, “I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, because it is the Power of Salvation for those who believe”

  3. This is ridiculous and I again cry out for a Public apology , but on second thought even if Zaporo does not apologize I know the word of God , the Bible says God cannot be mocked.

  4. thank goodness for our constitution which defends freedom of speech, else we’d all be bullied into silence by narrow-minded sheeple, just because Israel is in the bible, doesn’t make it holy, maybe find out a bit more about what’s happening over there and try to consider the Palestinian side too

  5. Thank you Giepie, yes Israel is not holy, in fgcat no one is … as the bible so insightfully affirms, ‘ all’ of us have sinned and ‘all’ fall short of the glory of God and yet are justified freely by His grace’ found in Jesus Messiah. This truth Giepie points Israel, you and I to the need for a Deliverer, a Rescuer, our Redeemer Jesus. We all need forgiveness, turning and putting our trust & faith in Jesus Messiah as LORD is the way which reconciles us to our creator God; in so doing we find forgiveness and as such eternal hope …and that death is not the end of life, but in- ie by faith in him, we may stand before our LORD, our sin now clothed in the righteousness of Messiah (Christ). Do you believe? Will you, turn your life around and put your faith in our risen Lord Jesus, Messiah, … eternally?

  6. Ah Giepie! No-one ever said Israel is holy, they are not, they are merely defending their right to exist in the face of world-wide anti-semitism which you seem to approve. Palestinians are definitely no angels and if you cast your eyes to the world scene you will see that islam is a big threat not only to Israel but to the whole world, even on our doorstep in Mozambique they are a huge threat, and if that doesn’t worry you, you are not paying attention to what is going on in the whole world, not just in Israel. As for Israel, much good comes out of that country in many respects, some of which I dare say you most probably enjoy the benefit thereof yourself, which can’t be said of the Palestinian regime. The cartoon is not good or acceptable in that the Word of God is being ridiculed and someone who stands for what it says is being ridiculed. As N. Magodla said, God cannot be mocked and He is not asleep. You sir, should swop sides for your own sake and by this I mean be guided by God’s Word and become one of His flock, in your own words, a sheeple, with Jesus Christ as your Shepherd. Christians don’t mind being called names, whether moegoes or sheeple, we know who our Shepherd is and we know our eternal destiny.

  7. If the Bible calls us to LOVE God with our all and our neighbours as ourselves, what’s ancient about that? We live now in a South Africa where love is much needed, at homes where Gender Based Violence escalates to the fore; in our street and places of work where we kill one another in an alarming rate. When chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng declares love for Israel for Palestinians et al, what’s ancient about that? The Bible will never be out of date as the only Book giving us solution to the problem of sin which is transgression of the law for lack of LOVE. Jesus still commands us: “Love one another as I have loved you…” for better and peaceable prosperous life, even love for enemies as the Lord commands believers/humans (Mtt 5:44). Pity Zapiro to think that to be modern is to ridicule the Holy Writ. God forbid, and let the humble believer hear and rejoice!

  8. It’s Time for Zippity do da in the dustbin with you. As it seems the outdated one is you. Buy buy….