‘Media instigated gay discrimination charge against training centre’

Defending family, faith and freedom

Church Must unite To expose evil in society!

It has become clear, upon further investigation, that the SA Human Rights Commission ruling that found Creare Training Centre guilty of discrimination against homosexuals – was media instigated.

No individual lodged a complaint against Creare. The liberal media took issue with their Biblical view of human sexuality and launched a campaign of misinformation and distortion against the ministry.

I interviewed Ps Cornelis Van Heyningen in our studios in Cape Town. What he said increased my concern that the media is engaged in a campaign to undermine the authority and integrity of the Bible.

The ‘Watchmen on the Wall’ programme exposing the liberal media’s anti-Christian agenda including governments pro-homosexual bias will be broadcast on TBN Africa today (April 23) at 8pm.

I am consulting with several senior Christian leaders in SA about the growing attacks against the Church and its constitutional rights to religious freedom, belief, opinion and association.

Bible could be criminalised
If the Christian Church fails to unite against these well-orchestrated attacks against the authority and integrity of God’s Word – the Bible will eventually be criminalised for its view on sexual sin.

Top TV’s disastrous business model was exposed by a Chinese investor who may rescue the pay-channel from its financial woes. Top TV is technically bankrupt and desperately seeking help.

The business was run into the ground as a result of bad decisions by incompetent management.

The same inept management now views the launch of three hard-core pornographic channels in SA as its salvation. It is this kind of thinking that destroyed the business in the first place.

Apparently, the government-backed Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) is a major investor in Top TV and is hoping the Chinese investor will rescue the business from certain ruin.

This means, the SA Government is indirectly involved in the license application for three hard-core porn channels in SA – a country suffering rampant sexual violence against women and children.

ANC alliance leaders like COSATU’s Zwelinzima Vavi – who publically condemned Top TV’s porn proposal – and Eskom’s CEO, Brian Dames serve on the IDC Board.

The ICASA board is also appointed by the SA Government. Does this mean ICASA will be pressured to grant Top TV a license to ensure its survival and hopefully recover the IDC’s investment in Top TV?

This may be speculation. But I am growing increasingly concerned that Top TV’s second license application to launch three porn channels in SA has more to it than has been revealed.

Top TV has also lost an additional two channels on their bouquet. It appears, the SA public will have to pay the price for Top TV’s incompetence and bad business practises.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. If the Body of Christ prays and unites behind the nationwide boycott of Top TV – by urgently cancelling their subscriptions – we can ensure their porn plans fail.

Please do not allow Top TV’s incompetence to further destroy our society. You and I must unite to stop them in their tracks to protect the safety and dignity of vulnerable women and children in SA!



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  2. If porn is introduced on top TV abuse and violence against woman will increase.

  3. In response to your (prophetic?) comment that the Bible could be criminalized – this is what I wrote in my journal on 8/8/2011 after spending my daily quiet time with God – “There is coming a day when you will desire to search My Word and the privilege will be denied. Shadows are falling across a land that has known light and has rejected it and chosen to walk in darkness”