Media lies, truth dies!

Defending family, faith and freedom

My previous newsletter made national headlines last week as a result of the mainstream media’s insatiable desire for sensationalism. Erroneous headlines claiming, “Preacher blames gays for Marikana shooting.” was quickly picked up by homosexual activists with the usual response.

Deception, distortions and fabrications have become the liberal media’s stock in trade. The truth is, I did not “blame” homosexuals and feminists for the Marikana shooting – that’s ridiculous!

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Media reports also falsely claimed I told a “Nigerian newspaper that I hate gays.” I have never spoken to a Nigerian newspaper in my life and have never said “I hate gays.” I fundamentally disagree with the homosexual agenda but have never and will never hate homosexuals.

I wrote about the culture of death in SA propagated by the social acceptance of abortion-on-demand and same-sex “marriage” as a legitimate alternative to man-woman marriage.

There is much hand wringing about the terrible loss of life in the Marikana shooting. But nobody seems to care that more than a million unborn babies in SA were callously murdered in the womb.

What are of deep concern are the attempts by the “tolerant” homosexual activists and their cheerleaders in the media to intimidate and silence anybody who disagrees with their lifestyle.

I sent a press release to the media recently about a biased TV interview in which a homosexual activist blamed the Church for the murder of a homosexual man in the Northern Cape. The activist claimed “the Church preaches a message of hate against homosexuals which elicits attacks against them.” The homosexual news anchor did not ask her to substantiate her claims. Not one news agency in SA took up the story even though the allegations were proven false.
The liberal media also ignored the story in which a homosexual activist walked into Family Research Council’s headquarters in Washington DC with a gun & bag full of ammunition and opened fire. His clear intention was mass murder but he was stopped by a heroic security guard.
FRC are consistently labelled a “hate group” by homosexual groups for their pro-family stance.

Homosexual activists and the liberal media label anybody “hateful,” “homophobic” and “bigoted” for criticising the homosexual lifestyle. Significantly, the apartheid regime employed similar tactics.

They demonised and labelled anyone a communist who disagreed with their oppressive policies.

Another anti-family agenda requiring your attention is the proposed legislation from Social Development Minister, Bathabile Dlamini that will criminalise parents for spanking their children.

This legislation is the first salvo in government attempts to drive a wedge between parents and their own children. Anti-family activists at the UN are pushing for legislation that provides children as young as ten the right to make “value” and “sexual” choices independent of their parents.

The SA Government has signed a number of ultra-liberal UN conventions that fundamentally conflict with the values and beliefs of the vast majority of its citizens.

I am monitoring the progress of this legislation and will keep you informed and updated about the growing attacks against the God-given institutions of marriage and the family.

Please stand with me as we continue to defend the family and advance righteousness in society.

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  1. Thanks Mr Naidoo

  2. Francois Botha

    We shall stand with you brother. We know you mean no harm but care enough to speak the truth that sets free. May God prepare your ways!

  3. your stance is very clear thanks… please also visit
    (homosexuals can change, I don’t know why they fight so against Christ that can set free)