Meshoe quitting Parliamanent ‘temporarily’

ACDP President, Kenneth Meshoe.
ACDP President, Kenneth Meshoe.
ACDP leader will give reasons at media conference next week

The African Christian Democratic Party yesterday confirmed a date for a press conference to be held next week, to respond to speculation about the reasons why the ACDP President, Rev Kenneth Meshoe, will be stepping down ‘temporarily’ as a Member of Parliament.

Rev Meshoe today said: “I can confirm that I will be stepping down ‘temporarily’ from Parliament next week Thursday. Details of the reasons for this were discussed with the ACDP leadership in January during our NEC meeting and again in March at the FCOP. I wish to emphasize that I will not be stepping down as Leader of the ACDP, or leaving politics. I am convinced that this decision is in the best interest of the ACDP.

“A press conference will be held in Parliament next week on Thursday where more details will be given and my interim replacement formally introduced.

“What is happening in this country has made my commitment to help establish a government based on Biblical principles and ethical leadership even more intense. This move is in every way, to strengthen the ACDP in the run up to the next election.”


  1. hope they will use all 10 commandments of Yaweh for a guide line, Good luck and Blessings.

  2. Blessings

  3. Margaret Ferguson

    The key thing for the church to be listened to by government is for the church to act together in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Then it would be a powerful force but whilst so many churches are so insular or have a power hungry leadership or are denominationally motivated rather than recognising that we share the same faith, the church is weak. As the saying goes ‘United we stand, divided we fall’. Until the church acts in unity – it is a weak church in the sphere of government

    From a Christian who was in politics

  4. Edgar Gschwend

    Praying for you and trusting you will be led by the Holy Spirit to lead this country out of the moral mess it is floundering in. Edgar G