Messianic Jewish author teaches SA believers about roots of Christianity

Toby Janicki teaching in Cape Town.
Toby Janicki teaching in Cape Town.

Believers in Cape Town were treated last week to a two-day seminar teaching by Toby Janicki of the First Fruits of Zion (FFOZ). It was presented by Lada’at Hashem Ministries,  Beit Ariel, and CMJ South Africa (The Church’s Ministry amongst the Jewish People). 

Many have studied the FFOZ ‘Hayesod’ course, giving the foundations of our Christian Roots by Janicki  together with Boaz Michael, the founder who visited Cape Town last year, and Thomas Lancaster. It is part of a prophetic movement of God in which His Spirit is returning His people to a proper biblical foundation rooted in the Old Testament (Torah,) Israel, and the Messiah, says FFOZ which specialises in the study and teaching of scripture from its historical, linguistic, and cultural context.

Many Gentile believers today are searching out what it means to walk out a life of discipleship with Jesus (Yeshua) as practiced by the first disciples in Acts, said Janicki. He said the only way for Gentile believers to successfully accomplish this is to return to the Christian roots of their faith and realise their role as grafted-in members of the commonwealth of Israel.

Gentile Believers are not supposed to ‘become Jews’ – they have a unique place yet with regard to Acts 15, specific requirements are asked of them. Janicki noted early followers of Jesus were known as God-fearers and he brought solid answers for non-Jews seeking to practice the Christian roots of their faith.

His book God-Fearers: Gentiles & the God of Israel helps us understand more on this subject. Janicki also presented the seminar in Pretoria on the 19th October and more can be learned about FFOZ through their website:


  1. Shalom Toby. Od Avinu chai ve al kol Israel.

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  3. Shalom,i,m a staunch supporter of Israel.I,ve been in Eretz Israel in 2011.I know its history and the unslaught against it.I try to spread the truth amongst christians who are not well informed about its role and future.Tov Todah.