Michael W Smith album real blast from the past

Music Review by Shelley Wasserman


This series has 2 CDs: “Live The Life” and “This Is Your Time”… and they are a real blast from the past!:)

“Live The Life”:

Track listing:

  1. Missing Person
  2. Love Me Good
  3. Live The Life
  4. Never Been Unloved
  5. I Believe in You Now
  6. Don’t Give Up
  7. Let Me Show You The Way
  8. I Know Your Name
  9. Matter Of Time
  10. In My Arms Again
  11. Song For Rich
  12. Hello, Good-Bye

This CD was originally released in 1998.  The song ‘In My Arms Again’ was a song written for the Titanic.  Originally there were 26 songs written and completed for this album but eventually 12 were chosen, with many of the original 26 that didn’t make it on this album finding themselves a spot in ‘This Is Your Time’, which is the second CD in this compilation.  ‘Song For Rich’ is a beautiful instrumental tribute to Rich Mullins who in 1997 died in a car accident.

 “This Is Your Time”

Track listing:

  1. Rince De
  2. Hey You It’s Me
  3. Worth It All
  4. I Will Be Your Friend
  5. This Is Your Time
  6. I Will Carry You
  7. She Walks With Me
  8. Reach Out To Me
  9. I Still Have The Dream
  10. I’m Gone
  11. Anna
  12. Everybody Free
  13. This Is Your Time

This album was released in 1999.  All the songs on this album, except for ‘This Is Your Time’, were previously recorded for ‘Live the Life’.  ‘This Is Your Time’ was inspired by Cassie Bernall who was one of the students that was killed in the Columbine High School shooting spree.  She is believed to have been shot after answering ‘yes’ to her faith in Jesus.  It is a very moving song.


  1. Be warned! MICHAEL W SMITH is not all that he appears to be. Some of his tracks carry demonic messages and he is being scrutinized very closely by re-born again Christians who have a calling from God to expose demonic practices amongst some mainstream musicians even those professing to be Christians them selves. Again you have been warned!

  2. Could it be possible for someone who sings such beautiful worship songs to be a messenger of the devil? Well, I suppose we had better be alert for these things …….