Mighty Men Western Cape very much alive — and kicking off next week!

Special report by passionate Mighty Men Western Cape executive committee member Piperjames ahead of the third annual conference at Moreson farm, Malmesbury

The Mighty Men of the Western Cape is now upon us as of midday Friday September 29 until 3pm Sunday October 1 2017 with a line-up of speakers including Errol Naidoo, Dr Hennie Lubbe, Apostle Stage Stage and Kobus Theron (See programme).

After Mighty Men founder Angus Buchan handed over the spiritual baton in 2010 at the last Mighty Men on his farm at Shalom KwaZulu-Natal, the very first Mighty Men that was birthed outside of KZN went to the Western Cape.

To Paarl to be exact, and to a beautiful setting at Elohim Farm, Gods Farm. Thanks again to farmer (The Cattle Boy) Daniel Briers for his allowing the men to gather there. That was in March 2011. The motto of that gathering was “Dying to Serve”.

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After that gathering, The Mighty Men of the Western Cape faltered and some even said that there would never be any other Mighty Men gatherings in the province again. That particular Mighty Men gathering might have died there in Paarl. but those saved at it, along with many others continued to serve the Lord so that the Mighty Men Western Cape would never die.

In early 2012, and after much prayer, a call was sent out across South Africa by Angus Buchan to bring together those that had a heart for the vision and mandate of what Mighty Men stood for and continues to stand for. He called those people to meet at his farm, as he realised that there needed to be some kind of unity across the land. A concern was a report that other so-called Mighty Men had been baptising others in Angus’ name.

At that meeting and at the very end of Angus’ presentation he asked if anyone had any final questions?

Ina Murison-McGowan.

It was then that a woman, (Ina Murison-McGowan) stood to her feet and informed Angus that there was no unity in the Western Cape and asked what should be done about it? Angus then pointed to that lady and said: Ina “You do it!”

Ina Murison – McGowan returned to Cape Town to start what would be a long and extremely hard and contentious task, which many believed she would not pull off.

But despite numerous obstacles the Mighty Men Western Cape was eventually re-established and today the executive committee stands firmly beside Ina Murison-McGowan, as do all the Mighty Men of the Western Cape and their families and all the sponsors and service providers.

In 2015, Mighty Men Western Cape “turned back to the Mountain” — to realign themselves with the vision and mandate of what God gave to Angus and which he handed over to those trusted to continue the work ahead.

That vision and mandate is firmly pinned to every one of our chests down here in the Western Province.

MMC WC 2016.

In 2016 we called the Mighty Men gathering ” Home Ground Advantage”. Done so as we firmly placed the banners and standards into the ground and proclaimed that we are not going anywhere else.

Then this year, in the third (3rd) year and with a huge footprint that is reaching many other countries we are marching under the banner of “Unity in the Faith”.

Again at Moreson Farm near Malmesbury, mighty men and many broken and afflicted men and youth from all over, including as far as Johannesburg, ares preparing to arrive.

We even have a full medical team made up of Muslim brothers and sisters, so much do we reach out to all the communities here in the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ. They have been with us since 2015. Thanks to Sali and his team at Commumed24.

The King’s Mounted Men.

We also have the horsemen that were at the Karoo Mighty Men coming all the way from Grahamstown. Known as the King’s Mounted Men they will be riding through villages and towns en-route to Malmesbury, rallying men and boys to join them as they go along their way. Thanks to Pastor Shawn Warren and his men.
(Here is their link: https://www.facebook.com/kingsmountedmen/

Radio Pulpit in the Western Cape will be linking up with their sister Radio Pulpit Station in Johannesburg to broadcast the whole event live over the weekend. The footprint of the signal will reach far into Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, as well as the whole of South Africa. They also have live streaming to many other countries. Here is their link: https://www.facebook.com/radiopulpit/

Worship will be led by Dewald Gouws and his praise and worship band and Etienne Smit the up and coming gospel artist from Johannesburg. Warren Elliott will release the official Mighty Men Anthem which will be recorded live.

And then we also have Juan Van Tonder leading the Angling Academy where the Mighty Laaities will be taught to fish for real and fish for men.

Sponsors and vendors and ministry teams will be there and will be helping out as well.

So never say never! When God says it ain’t over with, then be rest assured, it ain’t over with.

We march onwards as a new model Mighty Men army, gathering in the lost and the broken and following-up. We do this so that no one slips back. We have an attitude of reaching down and picking up regardless of colour and position in society. It’s always a two-way street with us. Amen!!!!!

We honour our women and families and include them as much as we possibly can, especially on the Sunday when all the families come and visit. The farm will stay open so that families don’t have to rush off home but stay and enjoy the day.

Snoek and Potat await Mighty Men visitors when they come to be with us. You have never experienced anything like it when the brothers from the Cape Flats start dancing to Dewald strumming his guitar — simply amazing!

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  1. While I am encouraged about the Western Capes MM conferences and activities I am concerned about the Muslim Med team that has surfaced here. Whilst I respect other beliefs I am very dissapointed that this has been agreed to. There is in my opnion an agenda for the Muslim world to water down our Cristian beliefs. We are seeing this almost daily what with Multi Faith Worshipping, Mosques going up all over the country and the world. I just want to say to my Christian brothers and sisters please be careful and do not get sucked into the smoke screens put up like this.Why I ask is it necessary to have an Islamic believing med team. Are believing docs meds not available????

    • Dear Brother Peter Newill. I have only just picked up on this reply to the above post in Gateway. Thanks for commenting all the same. If I may explain. The reason we have Sali and his Muslim medical team at Mighty Men is that NO Christian Medical Services will help us unless it is for a LARGE amount of money. Sali, has been with us now for the past four (4) years. He will be with us again this year 2018 inclusive. Several of his staff have listened and asked questions about Jesus Christ and Christianity in the past too. The seed firmly planted in their minds that is for sure. Unfortunately it is the same right across the board where Christians and so called helping other Christians is / are concerned. It all comes down to money and an advantageous position or recognition. Example proved time and time and time again and I say this as a Mighty Man organizer too. If you know any Medical Team that will do the cover for less then please make contact with me. Email at: mmc.wc@hotmail.com Until that time our Muslim Brother will continue to patch up the cuts and grazes of his Christian brothers. Amen!
      Regards from, Piperjames, Organizer MMWC


  2. Eric Ehrenreich

    What an inspirational weekend I had at the Moreson Farm
    Thanks to the people of God that made it possible for us
    Thanks you Thanks you
    God Bless you All