Miracle ‘Daniel The Musical’ team hit ground running in Jerusalem

Activity in the Jerusalem Theatre yesterday where the cast and crew of Daniel The Musical who arrived in Israel this week spent a long day preparing and rehearsing for the opening of the show next Thursday (October 10).

It took a string of miracles for Joe Niemand’s Daniel The Musical to get the go-ahead to secure the Jerusalem Theatre for the world premiere of the show next week.

No doubt, the excited South African cast and crew who arrived in Israel on Wednesday, will feel that some more miracles are needed to be ready by curtain-up next Thursday.

Julita Kok, a member of the production team, updated Gateway News on developments after yesterday’s 20-hour working day and three hours sleep before launching into today’s activities.

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“It’s going hectic, hectic, hectic!” she said.

Both the multi-talented cast and professional crew are working long, hard hours to rehearse and put everything in place to achieve their vision of bringing a love gift to the people of Israel in the form of a world-class presentation of the much-loved Bible story of Daniel with a vibrant African flavour.

The cast had their first costume run yesterday, where they saw and wore their dazzling costumes for the first time.

With just days to go to before their October 10 to 17 shows, their huge show set is still on a ship in the custody of the Israel Customs Administration but they have been promised that they will have it on Sunday.

But apart from the hectic schedule, it was “a wonderful, wonderful time” and the cast members were very excited about being in Jerusalem and were looking forward to a planned break tomorrow, on Shabat, when they will visit the Old City.

Two of the artists — including one of the lead performers who lost his passport the day before scheduled departure — missed the flight to Israel but it was hoped that they would join them in Jerusalem by tomorrow evening.

“Of course, the devil has come for many things, and three passports were lost on this trip. So, very interesting. But all is going well in Israel and we are just excited to be here doing what God has called us for,” said Kok.

She said they had wonderful South African hosts who have been in Israel for many years who were helping them with breakfast and supper.

“So in all the strangeness and the different culture, we do have a little bit of home from home in being with them.”

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