Mocking + Lies = Blessing

[notice]A fortnightly devotional based on everyday experiences.[/notice]

God blesses you when you are mocked and persecuted and lied about because you are my followers. Matthew 5:11

Nobody loves me.

It felt like I said the words for over an hour. I probably only blubbered them for 5 minutes.

I remember my mother rubbing my back while I sobbed and saying over and over, “I love you. Jesus loves you. Your brothers love you…”

It was over 20 years ago but I still remember the emotions.

I still recall the pain from being spoken about in the schoolyard and mocked and persecuted and lied about by kids I had called my best friends just the day before.

It took me a long time to realize what they said was lies, years to wake up to the fact that what others say about me isn’t who I am.

You aren’t what other people have called you.

Perhaps that is part of what Jesus means when he says we are blessed when we are mocked and lied about because of our faith in Him.

Maybe part of the blessing is in us realizing that what others say about us isn’t who we are.
And that who we are is the children of God: sons and daughters of the one who created the universe. People loved so much by God that Jesus died rather than live without us.

When we are mocked for being God’s child it can be a blessing because it can remind us who we are.

Who we are is a blessing.

And who we are is loved.

Do you believe you are God’s child, that you are a blessing and that you are loved by Him? Ask God to reveal these truths to you today.


  1. Thank you Wendy for your post today – just what I needed to be reminded of again today to pour balm on a deep wound … Bless you for your writing and sharing from the heart