Mogoeng announces SA programme of action


Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng today announced five action steps arising from recent urgeent Zoom meetings he hosted with Christian, farming and community leaders in response to violence in South Africa.

In a letter to leaders, sent in his capacity as head of the Hope, Healing and Restoration Project of the Lord, he says: “Following your response to the document, summarising what transpired in our meetings of
12 and 13 October 2020, these implementable steps have emerged:

  1. Mr Daniel Brink [Jericho Walls International Prayer Network] will coordinate a national prayer programme for December.
  2. Pastor Ashley Sauls [Eldorado Park] and Pastor Peter Sekhonyane [Orange Farm] will lead and guide on nationwide prayer walks and prayer drives.
  3. Professor Arno van Niekerk will, in collaboration with other recognised local leaders, lead the community safeguarding/safety programmes for farmers, and other rural and urban communities most affected by serious crimes of violence including gangster and drug-related crimes.
  4. Initiatives or programmes designed to bring hope, healing, and principled reconciliation that would culminate in the realisation of our shared aspirations/dream are to be taken or embarked upon respectively, throughout the nation. The Hope, Healing and Restoration Project of the Lord would be available to guide wherever guidance might be required.
  5. A broadly representative coordinating structure will be set up.

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  1. Suzette van Rooyen

    Thank you Lord for a man of vision. He has been raised as a David and is gathering together a group of “David‘s Mighty Men”. These are people who understand spiritual warfare and have proven themselves. We pray God’s wisdom, strategy and anointing upon this initiative.

  2. How encouraging. You leaders are in our prayers as God’s plan unfolds and you put it into action.

  3. Let’s all get behind this man of God and the team he has put together. We have been praying for God to raise up such a leader – now let’s continue to pray that God will bless South Africa through him.

  4. I am a Namibia woman who has a transport business with one truck only. I thought I would relief my elderly husband from working for other people.
    Now I find myself even deeper in debts and expenses.
    I would like to have your help in my life.
    I would want such servants of Father God to operate here in Namibia also.
    Any advice or help is most welcome.

  5. Praise Abba for this righteous man. Mogoeng for President of this wonderful RSA. Celeste Mare. Mossel bay

  6. Praise God for raising people to take the lead. We will stand with them in prayer!

  7. I have the greatest respect for Justice Mogoeng. The Lord is so good to us. May He bless you with wisdom and His Presence, Sir!

  8. Anna-marie Ferreira

    May God bless you with wisdom and may the Holy Spirit guide you in all your journeys.

  9. Thank you for the Wisdom God bestowed on you leaders we pray for you & with you and your families.