Mogoeng honoured amidst global criticism over prayer against ‘evil’ vaccine

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng

Despite ongoing criticism of Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng’s recent prayer at the Tembisa Hospital, a special Zoom meeting was hosted by the Healing Campaign on Monday to honour Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng for his courageous leadership — especially for not compromising on his Christian beliefs.

Mogoeng has been under fire from critics at home and abroad since the Tembisa Hospital special meeting last week, organised to honour healthcare professionals who have been at the forefront of dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.  

At that meeting Mogoeng praised healthcare professionals for their selflessness as they risk their lives constantly while attending to patients who suffer all manner of illnesses. He ended his speech with a prayer for South Africa — praying against more suffering in the nation due to the second wave of the virus. He refused to accept our current state of living due to Covid-19 as a “new normal”, but called it “an abnormality”.

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He also prayed against corrupt leaders who enriched themselves at the expense of others. But it was the part of his prayer about vaccines that caused a stir, in which he said: “If there be any vaccine that is the work of the devil, meant to infuse 666 in the lives of the people, meant to corrupt their DNA … may it be destroyed by fire.”

At a scheduled media briefing on the state of the judiciary the next day Mogoeng defended his prayer under questioning and refused to make any apology for his comments.

While criticism of Mogoeng continued to arise from across the world, a virtual meeting on Monday evening to honour the Chief Justice was attended by people from across the nation and the continent, and tributes kept pouring in throughout the meeting.

Speakers on the meeting programme included Apostle Linda Gobodo, founder of Vuka Africa Foundation, Laurette Mkati, a Scottish missionary who has been in South Africa for more than 30 years, and Apostle Joseph Sithole, who is based in Polokwane. Other meeting attendees were also invited to speak. Among those who took up this opportunity were Dr Robin Stephenson, who shared a few words and prayed for Mogoeng from Psalm 2, and Advocate Molly Malete, who worked with Mogoeng years before he became Chief Justice.

Attendees from African nations who shared messages of support and prayers for Mogoeng were Dr Abu Bako from Ghana, Rabbi Lombe Lusale from Zambia and Apostle Ofodile Nzimiro from Nigeria. Also on the platform were people from Botswana, Zimbabwe and even senior government officials of a number of SADC nations.

In a message sent in, the staff of Ichthus Christian School in Dundee, KwaZulu-Natal said: “We dearly want you to know that we support and pray for you. We also want to thank you for practising Eph 6:10 – 18. In a world where Truth is so often exchanged for lies and deception, we look up to you for standing firm on the Truth, being strong in the Lord and drawing your strength from Him.

“Above all, we honour God for His grace upon you and His Truth in your heart. Our trust is in Jesus, who is able to keep you without stumbling and to present you blameless and faultless before the presence of His glory in triumphant joy and exultation.”

Chief Justice Mogoeng expressed his appreciation for the meeting to honour him,  and encouraged everybody to be selfless and not seek positions, power or money but to to serve with pure hearts and sincerity – essentially reminding them to do  everything as unto the Lord, who is a rewarder.

While the storm over Mogoeng’s prayer against potential evil vaccines is far from over, it is clear that his voice has risen beyond South Africa to platforms where the Covid-19 pandemic is being discussed.  Government leaders of many nations have embraced and almost accepted that Covid-19 will continue to bring death and destruction. But Mogoeng has openly refused to accept this, calling on God to destroy the plague.

The present uproar over Mogoeng’s prayer is not the first time he has come under fire this year. In June, after he participated with Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein in a webinar hosted by the Jerusalem Post he was criticised for showing support for Israel and undermining the position of the SA government. In that webinar he declared that he loved Israel, loved the Palestinians and loved everybody. Afterwards a formal complaint was laid against him with the Judicial Service Commission’s Conduct Committee, however it was found that the complaint didn’t warrant his impeachment.

When he was nominated for the position of Chief Justice in 2011 he came under heavy media scrutiny. Some labelled him President Zuma’s puppet while others called him the least experienced candidate. He was unashamed even at that time to speak openly about His faith and tell the JSC that God wanted him to be Chief Justice. While he was heavily criticised and mocked by others for those words, it didn’t stop the prophecy from being fulfilled: he ultimately became Chief Justice, and is today the longest-serving Chief Justice of the Republic of South Africa.  

The judiciary under Mogoeng’s leadership has often been the last line of defence against corrupt practices of public officials, and has been described by commentators — including opposition party leaders such as Julius Malema and Bantu Holomisa — as the only functional arm of the state, in contrast to the condition of the executive and parliament.

It is in reflecting on such a journey that it was fitting that the Church paused, to acknowledge that, indeed, Mogoeng has done more than his job as required by the Constitution of South Africa. He has also stood for the advancement of God’s Kingdom on earth –  which is justice and righteousness.


  1. Hugh G Wetmore

    I agree – Mogoeng has done much to oppose the evils of injustice and corruption, and he does this as a Christian. We thank God for this. Now the Covid plague has landed him in hot water. He is “calling on God to destroy the plague”. But is this a godly prayer? What if God Himself sent this plague on the earth? Would He destroy what He has planned? Check the instances of “plagues” in the Bible. “The LORD struck them with a severe plague” (Num 11:33) “If you do not follow this Law and do not revere the LORD’s awesome name , I will send fearful plagues” on Israel (Deut 28:58,59). etc. Plagues are also one of the signs of the End Times. (Rev 11:6; 18:8). So we ask “Why does God send a plague or any disaster?”

    These same Scriptures give the reason: God judges sin. His purpose is to bring sinners to Repentance. So see the context of David’s prayer that a plague be stopped (2 Sam 24:25). His prayer was accompanied by repentance and an act of pure worship of the living God. Prayer to stop a plague without repentance from sin doesn’t work. Jesus Himself taught that God sends earthly disasters to get sinners to repent (Luke 13:1-5 “Unless you repent you will all perish”. Did Mogoeng’s prayer contain Humble Repentance on behalf of the Nation? No, it demanded God to stop the Corona plague. Was this a wise, humble and godly prayer? Did he take the Biblical teaching on plagues into account? Or did he simply demand what God must do according to his own human will?

    Let us pray earnestly that Mogoeng will develop a Biblical understanding out of which he prays. Otherwise his Christian testimony will be counter-productive. Let him pattern his praying on the prayer-models in Scripture. We support him in his position, and do not want him replaced simply because of an unBiblical public prayer. His theology needs to be corrected from Scripture (e.g. John 9:1-5) – then encourage him to stand for Jesus in his position with a Biblical basis for all he says. (For instance, the Bible has no prayers condemning unsubstantiated 666 medicines, but does have prayers for health and healing.)

  2. There is nothing wrong with his prayer or his theology. If Christians took authority, bound and loosed and prayed this way, we wouldn’t be in this place.
    Also, your focusing on the Old Testament does not have reference today after Jesus became our curse. No doubt the End Times will bring these things, but this man-made virus does not discriminate and does not compare with what will happen soon according to Revelation.

  3. Praise God for the Judge,a man of Faith and boldness in a sea of compromise.Its time the believers recognise the war thats raging against humanity by the Covid corruption.This fear is demonical,but we will only fear God with reverance and obedience.This evil will be send back to wherever it came from,because Gods people govern the world through our prayers.
    Its cristal clear from scientific data, that wicked science created this virus and its vaccine.The deceptions created and dark agendas by mainstream media,clearly pushes and will even force this on humanity,as a way of controlling mankind.We refuse to be dominated like this,because the Word of God gives us all authority over evil.This is the time for the body of Christ to take their position and pray against such wickedness,and crush satans agenda.
    I salute you Judge,the victory is ours in Christ Jesus and the spirit of error has been exposed.
    Have faith people,our victory is herePs27

    • I absolute do agree with your scientific correct comment which is hidden from us …
      And I do praise God, for the boldness of the honorable judge. We surely need more boldness in this country…

  4. The different perspectives and discourse around Mogoeng’s theology are quite interesting. Hopefully, accuracy and truth will be established in the course of time.
    With reference to last week’s discussion on the CJ, there were also divergent views on the meekness of Jesus. I think that it’s worth mentioning– If Jesus wasn’t meek, why would he state in Mathew 5 v5. “Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth .?” You see, meekness is not weakness. Meekness is defined as righteous, humble, teachable, and patient under suffering. If you think meekness is weakness, try being meek for a week. Jesus was meek but certainly not weak.

  5. Matshidiso Ruth Thwala

    Lord God, The HOLY one of Israel, The God I Am, in the name of Yashua Hamashiach, after ALL that is said and ALL prayers made, Arise for this particular occasion for ALL men on heaven and earth to have an encounter with you anew. Those who are moved by your WORD, You preserve them with your mighty power and they shall do exploits for your Glory.
    Elohim who is man that we should be mindful of. Let Your Kingdom come, Amen.

  6. Thanx be 2 GOD , for This Man of integrity as vessel of GOD, allowing da presence of the Holy spirit to operate at this level in his life. Continue to speak spirit of da living God, we declare psalm 91 upon your life and family

  7. God bless our Chief Justice Mokgoenge for his stand on Untested Vaccines harmful to people.. Pres Ramaphosa should be informed about Bill Gates who is in this for money. Gates killed some & maimed thousands in India & Africa with his untested concoctions. Pretends to be a philanthropist yet he said on TV he wants to reduce Earth’s population by 15% through Vaccinations. He’s a NEW WORLD ORDER MEMBER WHO BELIEVES IN EUGENICS ( A SUPER RACE OF RICH & ELITE MUST SURVIVE)

  8. Thank Lord Jehova for bold men such as CJ. May there be many more who will stand against all criticism for the sake of your name. Spirit led men of God are far different from theology led man of God. Let us defferentiate The Spirit of the Living God from Theology. Amen.

  9. I the times we live in, we need Christians who can stand for what they believe and not be moved by what the crows say. I truly congradulate CJ Mogoeng Mogoeng for the position that He took amidst criticism from different angles